Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Snow

This is the most snow my husband has ever seen. He "helped" the kids make a snowman. ahemmmm... where are the kids? It snowed like crazy we have probably like 3 inches so it is not a super huge amount...but did you see that snowman?
I love the truck in the year's Christmas card picture is totally going to be kids around the truck with a Christmas tree in the back of it....snow would be nice but not necessary.
Our house looks like some crazy ski lodge.

So why does Keith totally rock. When it started snowing he went out and cut from a tree he cut down a couple of months ago. A chainsaw, and an axe thing called something else. I know I am sure a lot of people cut firewood from their trees...but I don't so I am impressed. Then we had a great fire in our fireplace...the wood is holly and it burns bright and rocks.
Keith also plays in the snow with the kids and helps them build snowmen...which I don't do because I get cold! He spends hour figuring out crazy electronics from 20 years ago so we can watch movies with our projector thingy with surround sound and then running cables through the ceiling, cutting old speakers out of custom built in entertainment centers. There is literally nothing around the house this awesome husband of mine can't fix. I don't know how I got so lucky!

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