Friday, December 17, 2010

My little black dress

The first year Keith and I were married....2007, I bought a dress to wear to our Christmas was a size 4. Then I had Benjamin and drank a lot of 2 pump mocha's with whip cream. This April I had to dress up for my graduation party and my only party dress was too a couldn't even get it on to try to zip I had to buy a new was a size 10.

Tonight, we went to my Christmas party. I had nothing to wear....nothing. The dress I bought in April was too in desperation I tried on the Christmas party dress of 2007....and it fit.

I knew I had lost 8 pounds since we started the Dave Ramsay Financial Peace budget a palooza...and my one pair of jeans (that are 10's) didn't fit well...but they were cheap and never really fit well. Apparently, walking 100 times a day from preop holding back to the or has paid off. woohooo.

The Christmas party was was very, very cold and we had to walk about 2 blocks from the car to the expo center. It was decorated nicely with a bunch of tables and they had a buffet with Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, know all the usual characters in a holiday meal. Keith and I sat alone at a table, ate talked a little bit and left. It was one of our most unsocial party every. Usually we at least sit with people we know but not tonight. We were there about an hour and a half.

...but at least i was size 4 for a couple of hours tonight. Now I have to go eat the rest of the chocolate chip cookies...hahaha.


Shannon said...

You go girl! Oh, where are the pictures?????

Michelle said... know the unspoken pictures of me on the blog unless Keith tricks me into posting it! Haha even a size 4 picture!

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