Monday, January 31, 2011

A weekend getaway!

I haven't posted in forever! We have been pretty busy around here. Well, maybe not that busy...I have been busy taking naps. I have been sooo tired. I keep telling keith it is exhausting creating new life...but somehow he isn't buying it....I am just being a nap-a-holic! haha.

I have also been feeling pretty crappy. I feel much crappier with this pregnancy than I did with Lilianna or Benjamin. I felt moderately crappy with Lilianna and not really all that crappy with by degrees of crappiness.....we are for sure having a girl...haha.

We had our first adoption playgroup this was great! The weather was warm and kids were able to run around outside and play on the dome climber, play with balls and just run around in the back yard. It was very lucky for us because there were 22 kids there! WOW! We are planning a feast of nations for February...yumm! I don't think we will have our playground built by then...but maybe by April or May!

We also started an official Dave Ramsay class at church this Sunday...we need some accountability for sure! It is going to be good. We started budgeting, using the envelop system and some of the other FPU things in October..but it will be really fun to go to the class, see the videos and have some accountability partners!

On the heels of starting Financial Peace University....Keith and I are taking a vacation...hahahah! We really do NEED a weekend of just us relaxing. We have never had a weekend of just us relaxing. We have had exactly 4 weekends away for just we went to the Together for adoption conference, one we came up for a job interview in Pikeville, one was house hunting in pikeville, and the other was to close on our house. None of those were just for recharging, relaxing, and spending time together. So I can say that THIS is our first and only vacation weekend Keith and I have ever taken together. We are going to Asheville, NC and we booked our bed and breakfast this morning. I am so excited. Even if all we do is sleep in and go out to lunch and dinner...I am really excited. I know we will do more visit the Biltmore Estate...but there is a fireplace and a jacuzzi tub in our room and pretty much that is all I need! So excited!

I am on call tonight ... it is 9pm (way past my prenatal bedtime!) and at least a couple more hours to go...I am dying here...need a nap!

Just thought I would throw up a quick update!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Now we're rocking...

We officially started our Rockin Mama challenge this afternoon...I was just too tired last night once I got everyone else off to bed.
We ended up spending more like 25 minutes and even though my mom had suggested some great topics for us...mostly she told me a story about Her and Lilianna being super heroes and a dream she had last night...which was really kind of a free form story she was making up as she went. It was a great story though.
It was a really nice and calm time. I really enjoyed it...with all of the hustle and bustle around our house it is rare to just get 25 minutes of quiet to converse with the older kids and not have it peppered with screaming at a 2 y old in another room!
Church was a great time for Alex and I also. Keith was out of town this weekend so it was just Alex and I in the adult church and she sat on my lap for a while before church started...we got there early. In fact, we got everywhere early this weekend with Keith out of town...mmmm....I'm just saying. haha.
I am looking forward to will be hard because I am on we might miss.
Alex also did great on her school work this weekend...she spent all day on Saturday doing Time4Learning and doing very well...obviously trying. She had some confusion on one lesson about prepositions what above, below, beside mean...that kind of thing but in her defence some of the questions were confusing!
Zoe is going to start school later this week....we put her on the waiting list on Friday and there were 4 people ahead of her on the list. We figured it would take, the director said we could start her...2 kids moved up and 2 people pulled their names off the list so she is in. We were a little surprised and caught off guard with some immunizations still to catch up on! OOPS. So shots for our little pumpking tomorrow!
I am now off to bed because I am worn out!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Rockin mama challenge

We have an awesome glider that we bought right before Zebby came home. It is sitting in our playroom right now...mostly used for children rocking baby dolls.

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Rockin Mama Challenge...rocking your child 15 minutes a interruptions, no ther kids in the room, no books, no cellphones...just rocking and loving. Of course....I haven't stopped my busy life to actually start it. Tonight it starts.

It is 15 min a day for 28 days. We were supposed to start so that the 28 days were up before Valentines day so that I could focus on my honey for Valentines day...but since my husband barely loves me anymore and will be out of town the weekend of Valentines day I figure the over run won't be a big deal!

Hop on over to One Thankful Mom to read more about the Rockin Mama Challenge....
I will let you know how it goes with Alex!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Homeschooling and other issues...


I have been researching homeschooling stuff for like 2 years. When Lilianna was in Kindergarten she spent a lot of time getting into trouble so I thought about pulling her out and homeschooling her. Time was a real factor then because I worked such long hours.
After all of my researching I thought I was ready for homeschooling Alex when she got here.
We decided on Sonlight and I do really like it...there are lots of great books, it isn't too time consuming but there is good stuff.

I was so excited when the stuff got here and we started that day. We did some Time 4 Learning with her too before Sonlight got here and it was abysmal. She literally just clicked through without listening or caring what it was trying to teach her....she clicked through the quizzes on anything without even trying to get the right answers...she would just click on an answer before the question was even finished being asked.

When we started sonlight we would go over the same things over and over again. I can't begin to tell you how many times I explained nocturnal to her. Ben and Zoe both know what nocturnal means....Alex doesn't...she just smiles with a blank look whenever she gets asked a question.

Apparently, she says at Beacon House if you didn't answer, they wrote down the answer for you and then asked you again and then if you didn't answer it, they just asked someone else. So she has told us that she doesn't want to learn anything. She has told us that she knows we will give her food and clothes and she doesn't have to do anything to get them so she isn't going to.

How do you motivate that to learn? All we can really do is surround her with the other kids and their enthusiasm for learning and hope it rubs off. Last night, Lilianna spent a lot of time reading one of her new books so we let Alex sit in the dining room with her and read a book too.

As you can imagine....her attitude squashed all of the excitement I had about homeschooling Alex. I think if we had some sort of testing metrics to give ME and Her a feeling of accomplishment that might help. Cindy Lajoy is homeschooling and they have a center or resource that tests her kids and wow what a great feeling for her and the kids get when they keep testing higher and higher! Good for them! I haven't found anyway to measure our success or lack therof!

Last night, Keith caught her chewing on her earring. She said she decided she didn't want it anymore so she was chewing on it so we would give her new earings. Ummm....i don't think so. She now has no earrings and won't get any new ones until she starts showing a little bit of respect towards her things. We have already taken all of her jewelry (that isn't a me) away. She just recently earned back the right to play with Barbie dolls and I am not entirely sure how long that is going to last.

We had to move her out of the girl's room to a bed in the living room because we can't trust her with the other kids. She has done some disconcerting and concerning things and says inappropriate things that I don't want the other kids to she is on parent lockdown. She has to be with a parent at all times and not allowed to be alone with the other kids. I want to clarify that I am not worried about anyone's safety...I just want to be able to be there as Alex's American concience until she understands what is appropriate. It is exhausting emotionally for us and for her. She is emotionally and functionally around 4yo....she loves to watch, sing and dance to the wiggles and barney. I understand and am supportive of her playing with whatever toys and watching whatever videos she likes. I think it is OK. However, my 2 year olds (even Zoe) and my 4 year old are able to focus, and follow directions better than she is and I think that is a problem.

She was in an institution for a year and a half, not 9 years. My hope is that this is just adjustment and depression that will ease up after she has had time to adjust. On more than one occassion she has said that she doesn't want to be a part of "this family". Who can blame her we are crazy hahaha!

So, we have taken a small holiday break from schoolwork as we determine if we need to place her in our local public school or if we need to just keep at it. I have a vacation coming up and maybe I will take her someplace for an educational evaluation. I understand the IA clinic in Cinicinatti is good....

Zoe is responding great with great leaps and bounds. She used to have these spectacular raging tantrums and they are almost gone now. We still see one every once in a while if she is really tired...but for the most part they are gone. Zoe is talking up a storm...some of it is still babble but she is verbally ahead of where Zebby was at her age. Her receptive language is amazingly good...if you tell her 2 and 3 step commands she is all over it. She is a really smart little girl and is full of lots of love.

So any suggestions are appreciated!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


A good friend of mine had a very personally relevant post on her blog today (or maybe yesterday!) about how she has been censoring her blog. I have been doing the same thing. I haven't posted anything on my blog in almost 2 weeks because I have been trying to keep a secret at work and I know that there are some people at work who might know where my blog is. That is so unlike me....I am an open book in almost everyway...except for the last month or so.

So I am coming out for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I LOVE being able to look back at the last 4 years and see what I was thinking or is my diary/journal....ok something to jog my rapidly aging brain! The seond reason is that I am really excited about my secret.

This is #7 due August 19th.

I have obviously been pregnant before.....twice before, in fact. For some reason I am more excited about this pregancy. For Lilianna and Ben, I was really busy at work/school and I didn't really get worked up or excited about a new little guy growing in my overtired, overworked, body....I was just getting by. Don't get me wrong, I am still overtired...but I have found myself a little pre-occupied by thinking about our new little one.

This was a complete shock...with Lilianna and Ben there was some sort of planning involved...we were trying to have babies. We had already discussed that we were done with babies....we gave away all baby clothes (for those under 2yo), gave away bassinets etc. We were now old people with older children and we were literally months away from being done with diapers.

However, now I am feeling more like a first time mom....weirdly excited about the kind of things i never got excited about before. Oh well...I guess they say ever pregnancy is different. One thing is the same though.....we still don't have an extra room to be a nursery. I will never get to decorate a nursery! oh well. Another baby that gets to sleep in the crib in our room or the pack and play in the living room! I suppose there are always grandkids for that! hahaha.

How I told Keith? I found out on a Sunday and was going to tell him...but he was on a tirade about how overworked he was and how we had too many kids.....ooops poor timing there! So I ran back up to the bathroom to make sure he didn't accidently find the EPT! I waited and on monday, he was still overworked and grumpy...then on Tuesday he was still grumpy. I was beginnig to think that maybe I shouldn't tell him at all and let him figure it out 6 or 7 months down the road. Needless to say, I was a little worried about what his response would be. It was a little teenager-ish. I kept trying to think of a good way to tell him and I couldn't. I figured I better just tell Tuesday night we were in bed and he was almost asleep and I said..."there is something I have been meaning to tell you but there hasn't really been a good time...we're pregnant". He jumped up out of an almost sleep with a great big excited "are you serious?" and he was nothing but excited and happy (phew!). I really did worry about it for days.

My favorite hormone overdrive moment of the pregnancy was when keith said "by the time #7 is out of the house there might be grandkids....when he is 18 O will be 29 and lilianna will be 26" and I totally lost it ...uncontrollable sobbing at thinking about my baby girl being 26 yo...granted she will still be in a booster seat and not allowed to date yet...but she will be 26 haha....

Tomorrow I will be talking about the terrible job I am doing at homeschooling Alex...tune in for the uncensored tale! haha.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New

OK...I still don't have Christmas pictures is awful...that should be my new years resolution.

However, another little festive holiday has come and gone.....what did we do for New Years Eve? I was on call, but it was relatively slow and I didn't have to go in once last night....awesome! So what did I do...I went to bed at like 800 just about the same time as the kids and I had one of the best nights of sleep in like a month. Of course it was interrupted by booms and bams of fireworks. Luckily, no children hollered or cried at midnight. So it was a good night. haha

Now, how is 2011 going to be better than 2010? 2010 was a big year for us.

1. I finished residency and got a real doctor job.

2. we moved to our super awesome and somewhat overwhelming house bringing the total of houses we own to 4 (which is at least 2 houses too many!)

3.Our daughters came home moving us solidly to a large family that needs a bigger car of some sort (when O is here we have to travel in 2 vehicles)

4.Started doing the Dave Ramsay money management thing...which was way overdue for us and is giving us some darn hope that debt free is a possibility (although it would help if we only had 2 houses..haha)

5.Found a great school for the kids and a church we totally love

6. my parents moved close to us so that the kids get to hang out with Grandma and Poppy (who is like the pied piper of all 2 year olds...haha)

So how could 2011 possibly get better?

1. Stick to our budget

2. create a daily and weekly chore chart for everyone so that our house doesn't look like a tornado hit it every day!

3. stick to the once a month cooking plan...we are kind of wussed out on that but I am ok with precooking the chicken and beef and then pulling it out for dishes...that works for us

4. Spend more education hours with all the kids

5. Restart our discipleship workbook...we have lost focus and organization

Basically we have been getting by .... not really in control of our lives. This year we are going to take control of our overwhelming house, overwhelming finances, overwhelming children..haha.

This year is dedicated to Janet Jackson (insert me and paula abdul dancing to "Control"...oh I can totally bust those paula abdul 1989 moves)

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