Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New

OK...I still don't have Christmas pictures is awful...that should be my new years resolution.

However, another little festive holiday has come and gone.....what did we do for New Years Eve? I was on call, but it was relatively slow and I didn't have to go in once last night....awesome! So what did I do...I went to bed at like 800 just about the same time as the kids and I had one of the best nights of sleep in like a month. Of course it was interrupted by booms and bams of fireworks. Luckily, no children hollered or cried at midnight. So it was a good night. haha

Now, how is 2011 going to be better than 2010? 2010 was a big year for us.

1. I finished residency and got a real doctor job.

2. we moved to our super awesome and somewhat overwhelming house bringing the total of houses we own to 4 (which is at least 2 houses too many!)

3.Our daughters came home moving us solidly to a large family that needs a bigger car of some sort (when O is here we have to travel in 2 vehicles)

4.Started doing the Dave Ramsay money management thing...which was way overdue for us and is giving us some darn hope that debt free is a possibility (although it would help if we only had 2 houses..haha)

5.Found a great school for the kids and a church we totally love

6. my parents moved close to us so that the kids get to hang out with Grandma and Poppy (who is like the pied piper of all 2 year olds...haha)

So how could 2011 possibly get better?

1. Stick to our budget

2. create a daily and weekly chore chart for everyone so that our house doesn't look like a tornado hit it every day!

3. stick to the once a month cooking plan...we are kind of wussed out on that but I am ok with precooking the chicken and beef and then pulling it out for dishes...that works for us

4. Spend more education hours with all the kids

5. Restart our discipleship workbook...we have lost focus and organization

Basically we have been getting by .... not really in control of our lives. This year we are going to take control of our overwhelming house, overwhelming finances, overwhelming children..haha.

This year is dedicated to Janet Jackson (insert me and paula abdul dancing to "Control"...oh I can totally bust those paula abdul 1989 moves)

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Anonymous said...

I have to see you do the dance! Maybe you should do it this Sunday at church for everyone ;)

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