Monday, January 31, 2011

A weekend getaway!

I haven't posted in forever! We have been pretty busy around here. Well, maybe not that busy...I have been busy taking naps. I have been sooo tired. I keep telling keith it is exhausting creating new life...but somehow he isn't buying it....I am just being a nap-a-holic! haha.

I have also been feeling pretty crappy. I feel much crappier with this pregnancy than I did with Lilianna or Benjamin. I felt moderately crappy with Lilianna and not really all that crappy with by degrees of crappiness.....we are for sure having a girl...haha.

We had our first adoption playgroup this was great! The weather was warm and kids were able to run around outside and play on the dome climber, play with balls and just run around in the back yard. It was very lucky for us because there were 22 kids there! WOW! We are planning a feast of nations for February...yumm! I don't think we will have our playground built by then...but maybe by April or May!

We also started an official Dave Ramsay class at church this Sunday...we need some accountability for sure! It is going to be good. We started budgeting, using the envelop system and some of the other FPU things in October..but it will be really fun to go to the class, see the videos and have some accountability partners!

On the heels of starting Financial Peace University....Keith and I are taking a vacation...hahahah! We really do NEED a weekend of just us relaxing. We have never had a weekend of just us relaxing. We have had exactly 4 weekends away for just we went to the Together for adoption conference, one we came up for a job interview in Pikeville, one was house hunting in pikeville, and the other was to close on our house. None of those were just for recharging, relaxing, and spending time together. So I can say that THIS is our first and only vacation weekend Keith and I have ever taken together. We are going to Asheville, NC and we booked our bed and breakfast this morning. I am so excited. Even if all we do is sleep in and go out to lunch and dinner...I am really excited. I know we will do more visit the Biltmore Estate...but there is a fireplace and a jacuzzi tub in our room and pretty much that is all I need! So excited!

I am on call tonight ... it is 9pm (way past my prenatal bedtime!) and at least a couple more hours to go...I am dying here...need a nap!

Just thought I would throw up a quick update!

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