Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being on call

I am on call this weekend and next weekend. Call here is really not bad except for the fact that everything my family training league and church for example....are all outside of my call radius. This means when I am on call, Keith gets to take all the kids to all their activities and I have to stay home in case I get called in. It kind of stinks...I mean it doesn't stink as much as in house call or working 72 hours straight.
I would just really like to be able to go to church and go watch my kids play in their basketball training league. That's all.

However, I had 4 hours home alone yesterday so I was able to work on the laundry, clean the house and that sort of thing. This morning I am going to go to the grocery store and clean the house again.

The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday so we got alot of things done outside. The kids ran around like crazy riding bikes, climbing up the hill, picking flowers the usual. Keith broke out his chainsaw and took down alot of the brush around the pool...he killed his chainsaw and there are many more trees and bushes waiting to meet Keith's chain saw! haha. Some people came by and bought more of our bric brac and furniture we have been trying to get rid of so that we can now go buy a new chainsaw and we DO have money to go to the grocery store...yeah!

Tomorrow is officially Kyrgyz cooking day....look out.

Now I am off to the store.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cheese bread

OK..this doesn't look exactly like it...but it is close it was just in a different was a square. But I am going to give it a is the recipe I am going to use.

CHeese bread

After the suggestion of what the Beta Store cheesy bread thing was I glued myself to the internet for the last hour or so trying to find pictures and recipes. I can't find anything that exactly fits my memory...but hey that was a long time ago!
I am just going to pick one. I also got an email with some recipes that I am going to try out too. Yeah for cooking.
While pouring over google and georgian cheese bread...I had an idea that I would check out a blog I hadn't been to in a while. It is a blog of a woman who lived with her family in Bishkek and visited the bishkek baby house frequently and she had lots of pictures on her blog of kids of those pictures actually was a little boy whose referral I accepted and then lost. Anyway.....she did some cooking and had some recipes so I thought I would head over there. To my surprise her and her family recently moved back to Kyrgyzstan and are living in tokmok.
So I was very excited to find another blog to follow from Kyrgyzstan. She hasn't posted many pictures, but I love to read about trips to the bazaar and maybe she will cross paths with the children at the Internat in Tokmok. If you are interested..follow Amira

No, I didn't find a recipe for the cheese filled bread on her blog....darn.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wright's

The Wright's made a whirlwind appearance in Pikeville Ky last night. What a moving program.
I left our house before the Wright's had made it to us through the winding, switchback mountain roads so I could get to the church on time.

about 20 minutes later keith called to report that they had made it and they were immediately hitting the road to get to our gathering.

They got there and I was so excited to meet them face to face...they are kind of like celebrities! kind of...

They had a great table set up with felt hats, toys, mouth harps and tons of pictures.

Our gathering was intimate for sure...there were about 8 or 9 people there and everyone there was sooo excited about the things John spoke about. I was certainly re-excited about all of the projects they work on.

After the meeting, I picked up some pizza (yum) and we stayed up for another 2 hours chatting, eating, and really having a good time. I hope they can come back and spend some time just relaxing and playing.

So very, very glad to have had a chance to hang out with that great family! They are heading back to Kyrgyzstan on March 7th and I really can't wait to follow along!

Go check out their blog!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheese filled pastry things at the Beta Store

Ok...while I was in Kyrgyzstan for my first, I got some cheese filled bread things at the Beta store and ate a ton of them in my hotel room. I would like to make those...I have no idea what they were.

The bread was kind of like Challah (spelled?) and the cheese was least it was a white fairly mild cheese.

Any takers on what it was or how to make it?

Still waiting on that lagman recipe Shannon! haha. I am going to have to practice it at least once before March 12.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kyrgyzstan stuff

So, I finally got off my lazy butt and scheduled an adoption playgroup/feast of nations and states potluck. This means, of course, that I am going to have to actually cook a Kyrgyz dish. Yes I have talked about it (mostly in my post placement reports!) but the only thing I have successfully cooked has been glorified funnel cakes....yumm.

So I am in need of some recipes. I have a couple of recipes for things...but I don't have any pictures and the recipes have very little guidance...and frankly don't sound that appealing!

So to all those Kyrgyz loving cooks....please email me some recipes! HELP!!!!!!

In other Kyrgyzstan related news...The Wright family is coming to visit! I am so excited. I baked petit fours today (they are currently freezing in the freezer so I can cut them and pour my fondant tomorrow). Excitement = baking around here...haha. Seriously, we are having a dessert/coffee and short program at my church Monday night and they are staying with us that night.

As a partially related aside, I just LOVE my church family here. I scheduled this last minute event and 2 people emailed me and asked what they could do to help. At my last church (which I also really liked) I would be lucky if anyone even showed up for the event! Destinations is a church full of DOERS! LOVE IT!

I am really excited to meet John, he is one of the first online Kyrgyzstan friends I will have met in person. Although I am super excited about the Memorial weekend gathering with Kyrgyz Children's Future etc. Of course, I may also persuade Shannon and her family to come visit someday...our Ms Pacman machine is calling her husband's name...haha!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The reading room

Kids enjoying the fuf bag fuf corner

the lockers, books and the big unwanted desk....anyone want to buy it?

The view from the pool room

The game room

You can see the outline of where the ledge was...we are working on getting that up...but how awesome does that look! keith harvested the bricks from the outside patio he demo'd last week. He mixed up some morter and laid those bricks too...he did the entire project by himself. Not to brag...but I totally snagged myself a hunky catch!

We do have a little more work to do in here...but it is now a USABLE space without a pit of doom in the corner of it!

Keith's jacuzzi project

The Big whole in our game room once the big jacuzzi was pulled out...The big jacuzzi sitting on our back patio with Little Zoe looking out the window.The whole filled in with a ton of dirt from our hill out back...wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of dirt!Demo of the ledge that was around the jacuzziKeith's first attempt ever at pouring cement...pretty good I think!

Dance recital pictures

The bored look that pulls it altogether.

Clean House!

It is a miracle...we have a clean house. Our game room is open...the jacuzzi hole has been filled in and bricked over, the floor has been cleaned, the games are cleaned off and kids can run around and play games in there.
Our kids reading room is up and running. There is still an unwanted giant desk in the room, but our second giant fuf bag is on back order so we don't need that space yet. All the kids love to sit in the reading room and pick books off of our display rack that Santa brought me for Christmas....especially Lilianna though!
The rest of the downstairs is clean...the kids cleaned their rooms.....ok our room is still a small disaster but we can just close the door and we are good..haha. We still have to figure out how we are going to make a little nursery in it for #7.

We officially only have to unpack one more room and we are moved least in my mind. Our "adult library" (Ok that sounds bad....I mean it doesn't have kids books in it...just boring books for grown ups....not like peep show books or anything...get your minds out of the gutter!) is still full of piles of books all over the floor with a couple of strategically placed boxes. OK ... Our basement is still packed full of stuff to find places for and we are overrun by furniture that was left in the house that we inheireted when we moved in.

Keith started the demo on the free standing walled patio that we are going to take out to make room for the playground...woohoo. I feel like we are making some forward movement in making this OUR home. Maybe I will actually post some pictures next...yes...i think I will go take some pictures and post a ton of pictures.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our fun weekend

We had a really great pictures because I am feeling fat and my skin is doing some nasty teenage girl freak out that is totally harshing my mellow.
We stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Beaufort House Inn. The room was a little small and a queen size bed...but there was a kick ass 2 person jacuzzi tub and a fireplace. We got there on Friday around 430-ish and the weather was coldish (not freezing), rainy and foggy...I kind of liked it. We did stop in Johnson City and ate at 5guys (which is like one of my favorite restaurants of all time) for lunch...yumm.
After we checked in...I took a jacuzzi bath...that's was awesome. I SOOOOO miss my jetted bathtub...heck I miss having a bathtub in my bathroom at all. I do like my baths, especially while pregnant!
The Inn had a wine hour that we went to and drank san pelligrino orangina...haha...we are so cultured.

We went out to dinner at a seafood restaraunt called the lobster trap and it was really good...I have been craving crab legs for months so I got my fix! We had a troutdip for an appetizer which was good and they had a lobster mac and cheese that I ran out of room for...but the one bite I could put away was pretty good. I had one crab leg that had huge creepy tufts of hair and completely formed teeth on it and so I brought it home to show LIlianna...dude it is so creepy! Lilianna wants to take it to school to show her friends..haha. I am going to take pictures..that I can post is creepy!

On Saturday we went to the is big and I can't imagine the opulence of being that filthy rich. OK I can imagine it. I tried to convince keith that we should build a big pool in our basement like the Vanderbilt's had...but he was not really all in on that one!

Then we walked around downtown asheville for a couple of hours - the weather was super beautiful on Saturday. We didn't find a whole lot to buy that wasn't food...yummm. You have to love a town that has 2 stores within a 5 block radius that is totally dedicated to chocolate. Dinner was at Tupelo's honey grill after having received several recommendations for it. It was pretty good too. It was so nice to have so many restaurants to choose from. I think that is the thing I miss the most about living in Pikeville...there isn't a whole lot restaurants to choose from.

The biggest discovery of the weekend..and I think Keith will agree...happened at the Inn. We watched about 6 hours of cable tv this weekend. We don't have cable and haven't had it in about 3 years. We watched Billy the Exterminator for the first time and it was freaking hilarious. Keith laughed for days about Billy's brother saying "mom thinks I only date trashy whores, but I am just dating women like her". Oh the hilarity.

It is so nice to take a vacation from your everyday life...even if it is only a 3 hour drive for 2 days away!

My parents lost their sanity watching the kids and we are soooo appreciative! Thank you mom and dad. It is no easy feat to keep your cool with these little angels for 52 hours straight.

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