Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being on call

I am on call this weekend and next weekend. Call here is really not bad except for the fact that everything my family training league and church for example....are all outside of my call radius. This means when I am on call, Keith gets to take all the kids to all their activities and I have to stay home in case I get called in. It kind of stinks...I mean it doesn't stink as much as in house call or working 72 hours straight.
I would just really like to be able to go to church and go watch my kids play in their basketball training league. That's all.

However, I had 4 hours home alone yesterday so I was able to work on the laundry, clean the house and that sort of thing. This morning I am going to go to the grocery store and clean the house again.

The weather was absolutely beautiful yesterday so we got alot of things done outside. The kids ran around like crazy riding bikes, climbing up the hill, picking flowers the usual. Keith broke out his chainsaw and took down alot of the brush around the pool...he killed his chainsaw and there are many more trees and bushes waiting to meet Keith's chain saw! haha. Some people came by and bought more of our bric brac and furniture we have been trying to get rid of so that we can now go buy a new chainsaw and we DO have money to go to the grocery store...yeah!

Tomorrow is officially Kyrgyz cooking day....look out.

Now I am off to the store.

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Shannon said...

Sometimes it's nice to be all alone and get things done. You MUST take pictures of Kyrgyz cooking day!!

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