Saturday, February 26, 2011

CHeese bread

After the suggestion of what the Beta Store cheesy bread thing was I glued myself to the internet for the last hour or so trying to find pictures and recipes. I can't find anything that exactly fits my memory...but hey that was a long time ago!
I am just going to pick one. I also got an email with some recipes that I am going to try out too. Yeah for cooking.
While pouring over google and georgian cheese bread...I had an idea that I would check out a blog I hadn't been to in a while. It is a blog of a woman who lived with her family in Bishkek and visited the bishkek baby house frequently and she had lots of pictures on her blog of kids of those pictures actually was a little boy whose referral I accepted and then lost. Anyway.....she did some cooking and had some recipes so I thought I would head over there. To my surprise her and her family recently moved back to Kyrgyzstan and are living in tokmok.
So I was very excited to find another blog to follow from Kyrgyzstan. She hasn't posted many pictures, but I love to read about trips to the bazaar and maybe she will cross paths with the children at the Internat in Tokmok. If you are interested..follow Amira

No, I didn't find a recipe for the cheese filled bread on her blog....darn.


Tapsalteerie said...

you may try emailing her.. Amira is super nice and was great about looking thru her pics for more of Beckett (he was there when she was there...) and told me a bit about him that she remembered. I know that she likes to cook so she may be able to point you in the right direction

Michelle said...

Shea! I saw a comment from you on her blog from 2008 about a cookbook .... I said to myself..."I know her".

Amira said...

You didn't find it because I didn't call it cheese bread pie on the recipe. :)

Here's the link to khachapuri.

That one makes a thick, cheesy one. I also have used the recipe from Flatbreads and Flavors and it makes a thinner one.

We haven't met many expats here yet, but we're loving Tokmok. Very different from Bishkek.

Michelle said...

I should have known to look under Khachapuri! I like you recipe better than the other one I was going to try. I am off to the store this morning to get my ingredients for my big Kyrgyz cooking day tomorrow....Khachapuri, Lagman and naan.
The Wrights are Canadian, but they are heading over there on March 7 and will be based out of Tokmok for 6 weeks I think. their blog is I am sure they would love to meet up with you!

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