Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cheese filled pastry things at the Beta Store

Ok...while I was in Kyrgyzstan for my first, I got some cheese filled bread things at the Beta store and ate a ton of them in my hotel room. I would like to make those...I have no idea what they were.

The bread was kind of like Challah (spelled?) and the cheese was least it was a white fairly mild cheese.

Any takers on what it was or how to make it?

Still waiting on that lagman recipe Shannon! haha. I am going to have to practice it at least once before March 12.


Shannon said...

Lagman recipe coming soon and I will check my Kyrgyz cookbook for "cheese filled pastry things at the Beta Store."

Michelle said...

I am sure they are totally called that too...they were good. I bet I could make something up! haha.

Dianne said...

It sounds like you may have had Khachapuri which is traditionally a Georgian bread, but you see it in the 'stans' as well.

Michelle said... are a recipe genius! Thanks for the recipes and the link to the Kyrgyzstan workbook - it is great!
I am going to see what I can find on Khachapuri!

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