Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clean House!

It is a miracle...we have a clean house. Our game room is open...the jacuzzi hole has been filled in and bricked over, the floor has been cleaned, the games are cleaned off and kids can run around and play games in there.
Our kids reading room is up and running. There is still an unwanted giant desk in the room, but our second giant fuf bag is on back order so we don't need that space yet. All the kids love to sit in the reading room and pick books off of our display rack that Santa brought me for Christmas....especially Lilianna though!
The rest of the downstairs is clean...the kids cleaned their rooms.....ok our room is still a small disaster but we can just close the door and we are good..haha. We still have to figure out how we are going to make a little nursery in it for #7.

We officially only have to unpack one more room and we are moved least in my mind. Our "adult library" (Ok that sounds bad....I mean it doesn't have kids books in it...just boring books for grown ups....not like peep show books or anything...get your minds out of the gutter!) is still full of piles of books all over the floor with a couple of strategically placed boxes. OK ... Our basement is still packed full of stuff to find places for and we are overrun by furniture that was left in the house that we inheireted when we moved in.

Keith started the demo on the free standing walled patio that we are going to take out to make room for the playground...woohoo. I feel like we are making some forward movement in making this OUR home. Maybe I will actually post some pictures next...yes...i think I will go take some pictures and post a ton of pictures.

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