Saturday, February 12, 2011

The game room

You can see the outline of where the ledge was...we are working on getting that up...but how awesome does that look! keith harvested the bricks from the outside patio he demo'd last week. He mixed up some morter and laid those bricks too...he did the entire project by himself. Not to brag...but I totally snagged myself a hunky catch!

We do have a little more work to do in here...but it is now a USABLE space without a pit of doom in the corner of it!


Shannon said...

He did such a great job. I so want to come and play!

Michelle said...

come play! anytime...I am like always here I almost never go anywhere! In the summer the pool will be open (it won't be pretty making it pretty is next year!)and hopefully we will have a playground built!

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