Monday, February 7, 2011

Our fun weekend

We had a really great pictures because I am feeling fat and my skin is doing some nasty teenage girl freak out that is totally harshing my mellow.
We stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Beaufort House Inn. The room was a little small and a queen size bed...but there was a kick ass 2 person jacuzzi tub and a fireplace. We got there on Friday around 430-ish and the weather was coldish (not freezing), rainy and foggy...I kind of liked it. We did stop in Johnson City and ate at 5guys (which is like one of my favorite restaurants of all time) for lunch...yumm.
After we checked in...I took a jacuzzi bath...that's was awesome. I SOOOOO miss my jetted bathtub...heck I miss having a bathtub in my bathroom at all. I do like my baths, especially while pregnant!
The Inn had a wine hour that we went to and drank san pelligrino orangina...haha...we are so cultured.

We went out to dinner at a seafood restaraunt called the lobster trap and it was really good...I have been craving crab legs for months so I got my fix! We had a troutdip for an appetizer which was good and they had a lobster mac and cheese that I ran out of room for...but the one bite I could put away was pretty good. I had one crab leg that had huge creepy tufts of hair and completely formed teeth on it and so I brought it home to show LIlianna...dude it is so creepy! Lilianna wants to take it to school to show her friends..haha. I am going to take pictures..that I can post is creepy!

On Saturday we went to the is big and I can't imagine the opulence of being that filthy rich. OK I can imagine it. I tried to convince keith that we should build a big pool in our basement like the Vanderbilt's had...but he was not really all in on that one!

Then we walked around downtown asheville for a couple of hours - the weather was super beautiful on Saturday. We didn't find a whole lot to buy that wasn't food...yummm. You have to love a town that has 2 stores within a 5 block radius that is totally dedicated to chocolate. Dinner was at Tupelo's honey grill after having received several recommendations for it. It was pretty good too. It was so nice to have so many restaurants to choose from. I think that is the thing I miss the most about living in Pikeville...there isn't a whole lot restaurants to choose from.

The biggest discovery of the weekend..and I think Keith will agree...happened at the Inn. We watched about 6 hours of cable tv this weekend. We don't have cable and haven't had it in about 3 years. We watched Billy the Exterminator for the first time and it was freaking hilarious. Keith laughed for days about Billy's brother saying "mom thinks I only date trashy whores, but I am just dating women like her". Oh the hilarity.

It is so nice to take a vacation from your everyday life...even if it is only a 3 hour drive for 2 days away!

My parents lost their sanity watching the kids and we are soooo appreciative! Thank you mom and dad. It is no easy feat to keep your cool with these little angels for 52 hours straight.

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