Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Wright's

The Wright's made a whirlwind appearance in Pikeville Ky last night. What a moving program.
I left our house before the Wright's had made it to us through the winding, switchback mountain roads so I could get to the church on time.

about 20 minutes later keith called to report that they had made it and they were immediately hitting the road to get to our gathering.

They got there and I was so excited to meet them face to face...they are kind of like celebrities! kind of...

They had a great table set up with felt hats, toys, mouth harps and tons of pictures.

Our gathering was intimate for sure...there were about 8 or 9 people there and everyone there was sooo excited about the things John spoke about. I was certainly re-excited about all of the projects they work on.

After the meeting, I picked up some pizza (yum) and we stayed up for another 2 hours chatting, eating, and really having a good time. I hope they can come back and spend some time just relaxing and playing.

So very, very glad to have had a chance to hang out with that great family! They are heading back to Kyrgyzstan on March 7th and I really can't wait to follow along!

Go check out their blog!


Mala said...

Jealous of you! Jealous of them!

...but there's DC, right? RIGHT!!!!?

Michelle said...

I can't wait for that! Waiting for more info so I can obsessively start stalking everyone else who is going and stay in their hotel! haha

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