Sunday, March 13, 2011

Check out this super cutie....

OK...i haven't blogged in a while because I have been super busy. I have a ton of pictures of my cooking adventures in the last couple of weeks and some pictures of the kids...of course I haven't downloaded them because I have to find cables or pluggy in things for my camera. hey it only took me like 3 months to download Christmas pictures! haha

Anyway, I am writing a quick post tonight because I am sitting at the computer waiting for Keith to finish looking over his free annual credit romantic. I was doing a long overdue blogstalk of all my favorite adoption blogs and I ran across a post of the absolute cutest, most adorable, waiting 3 year old in China.

Check This Post Out

If we weren't pregnant, if we had been married at least 5 years (that won't be until August, 2012) then I might be working Kieth right now! haha! But he is soooooo adorable and just reminds me of my kids in his little robot shirt. Seriously, go see how adorable this little guy is and link to your friends who have a heart for adoption.


Shannon said...

You and I both!! If it were only acceptable to do THREE concurrent adoptions..................

Michelle said... are going to exceed the max number of kids for China pretty soon!

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