Friday, March 25, 2011

The land between

I recently read a book called The Land between. This author of this book used his personal experiences to illustrate how hard times are opportunities for growth. They are also opportunities to grow bitterness, resentment, and times where you can lose faith.

Strangely this book seemed to really compliment the other book I read (1000 gifts). The Land between is the time after the Jews left Egypt but hadn't enetered Israel. A time of trials, grumbling and complaining. These guys weren't saying "thank God for the manna that is giving us sustenance" they were saying..."yeah God is giving us this food...but I want meat too this sucks". Count your blessings people!

The author also uses Joseph as a great example. This kid goes from being a favorite son to a slave. Does he bitch and moan about He works hard, continues to do his best and to have faith. He could easily have decided to be bitter, lazy, and unhappy - but he didn't.

I am digressing a tad...but everyone enters this land between at some point in their life. It is perspective that defines that time of your life...whether it is a time where you build character, personal strength and increase your faith or does it become a time where you lose faith and build bitterness, resentment and more unhappiness?

Good Book.

I really enjoyed this book

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