Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am still alive

I have been just awful at blogging. I am waiting for LIlianna to finish a history assignment. She is drawing and coloring a picture...

Easter was very nice. We got up early - ish around 630 kids ate a ton of candy found some Easter eggs and then off to church by 9. We were only 15 minutes late...a success I would say!

We have been having some issues with Zoe being extra defiant in the last couple of days. I am not entirely sure why now...but when you ask her to do something or more frequently to NOT do something she just looks at you and says NO. It is almost like she is a 2 year old...hahaha!

We are still working on names for is getting tedious. Although, Ben has a good one. He would like to call her Blue...I think or maybe it is Baloo after the bear in jungle book and tailspins....I can't figure out which one it is. Either way Ben is very concerned that I ate his sister. How else did she get in my tummy I guess! I have gone from not really looking all that pregnant to a looking like a giant house in a matter of a week. It is kind of sucky. Additionally, little Baloo is a budding soccer player, mosh pit rock star and stomach speedbag boxer. Lilianna was the same way and she is still a fidgety handful....yikes are we in for trouble.

Alex is still liking school which is a good thing because we are very much liking her going to school. Trying to homeschool her was not fun. Lilianna's school is really fun, however. Instead of doing a little bit of every subject each day we have gone to a block method. One day is science, one day is math...etc. We just go for a couple of hours. She is a pretty quick learner and we are cruising through a lot of these lessons. Tomorrow we are going to skip up some Languange arts chapters and try at the 90 day mark. It is 3rd grade language arts so I anticipate we will have to back up to get some concepts. I am not going to advance her composition yet because I think she really needs to be at the beginning of 3rd grade for that.

Lilianna has also started pitch. We haven't spent a lot of time with her at home working on it. Keith played baseball through high school and coached Owen's tball...but we have been so busy with school and home projects that Lilianna's home practice has been a little bit thin so far. She has done really good at practice. On Thursday they had a little scrimmage and Lilianna got 3 base hits and scored twice. More importantly to me, there are a ton of girls on her team and one of her friends from her old class at Wesley so she is LOVING the socializing with everyone. A good mom would have pictures of baseball...maybe someday! haha

Ben is still 2...oh how long will 2 last with him! He is 2...but he is also his father's son and full of more stubborness than any person I have ever met in the world (with the exception of Keith). Although, there is something slightly satisfying when Ben drives Keith crazy with his stubborness and I can say...."I wonder where he gets that hardhead?" bahahaha!

Zeb started Tball this week too. i am so proud of him. He doesn't exactly know what he is doing but he stays on the field and is excited to play catch with th coach. So while some of the other kids were running off the field to go play on the merry go round (yes the park actually has an old school merry go round - yikes), he was standing in the field playing tball. Even though I think there is a tee and balls in our stable somewhere - we haven't had time to practice with Zeb either so he was trying to beat the ball down into the tee...not a very effective hitting method. He will get it though! He really did really good. It is pretty hilarious to see 5 fielding 4 year olds tackle each other to try to field the ball...Zebby took one look at all the other kids tackling each other and just kind of stood back out of the fray. Good job Zeb. he has his first game on monday and I am going to take pictures. For sure.

Work has been very busy. It really wore me out on Friday and tomorrow is another busy day so I am heading up to bed. Creating life is exhausting..haha. Must get sleep!


bbqdaisy said...

WOW Michelle, how do you do it all! To say that I'm impressed is an understatement, and I thought I was busy but I think you might top me =) Blessings on your busy growing family!

Michelle said...

I just read your big news! Congratulations! How do YOU do it all!? I think we BOTH have a secret weapon in our husbands!

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