Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lilianna and I officially started K12 last monday. The first couple of days were a little bit overwhelming...there is a lot of stuff to cover. I was approaching it like I always approach everything. If it is there we must do it. That is definitely the wrong approach for K12.

The worksheets are really amazing - the material is also really impressive. Looking through her history workbook is totally exciting. We started her in the 3rd grade Language Arts and I think that is perfect for her. She is understanding everything and able to complete assignments, but needs some teaching. I think it is totally appropriate for her. Our teacher coach suggested we start at the 90 day mark for everything so that when her semester is over in August she is ready to move to the next grade. I really want her to continue from the beginning because I really think this is where she is...it was a big jump to 3rd grade for her on some of the grammar rules and concepts. So we are just going to work through from the beginning of the grammar, usage, mechanics. We jumped ahead in the literature section to the 90 day mark and did an assignment and she did fine...but we will miss a bunch of folk tales and fun assignments. I think probably the 90 day mark is better for literature...but I have decided I am going to read through the literature book and pick out some of my favorite stories and just do them with her too.
I am the learning coach after all! haha.

Math we started at 2nd grade so when we started the Math on Monday it was waaaaaay easy for her and it took me a couple of days to figure out what and how I was supposed to move her ahead. The 90 day mark would skip a couple of important concepts I think Lilianna needs more work on so we are taking this week to pick out what assignments we need to do to get her to the 90 day mark.

I really like the workbooks, but I am still trying to figure out the online stuff - there really isn't that much of it. Keith was going to teach Science but I have no idea what he is doing trying to do or has done...so I am going to look into that when she gets back.

I think the material in K12 is superior to Abeka and Sonlight but it is a little more difficult for me to get a handle on what I want to teach and then getting it done!

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Marnie and Jeremy said...

I really liked it but Jyly wasn't ready for kindergarten. She was supposed to be reading and able to write some but she has fine motor delays. We decided to continue public pre-k for now. Have fun with it. The projects are great!

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