Sunday, April 17, 2011


I posted a couple of weeks ago that we had our first homestudy visit. A few days ago Keith and I picked the babies (Ben - Zeb..haha) up at school and Zeb asked me when his brother from Kyrgyzstan was coming home....totally random because we don't routinely say anything about it. Obviously because there is so little hope that he will come reason to get the kids worked up about it. However, when we were doing the home visit, we had to explain to Zeb why we were having a homestudy and the social worker talked to him alone...asking him what he thought about getting a new brother...etc.

So, later that day I found out that the Kyrgyz parliament had passed a piece of legislation which overturned the moratorium on international adoptions.

I don't know what will happen for my family with this...but it is certainly very good news for the waiting children in Kyrgyzstan. I thought the timing of Zeb's question about his brother was great! It has also lit a fire under my butt to actually gather some of the more arcane and ridiculous components of paperwork for our the letter from our vet that our cats won't maul a child!

Must make cookies and prepare for our Financial Peace University class...we may be spending a lot of unplanned money soon....that would be nice!

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