Sunday, April 3, 2011

The ooops adoption!

A few years ago I read somewhere about a family who decided they would always be homestudy ready so when God called on them to adopt they would be ready. I found that to make a ton of sense. So Keith and I decided we would be homestudy ready. To sweeten the pot a little bit, 2 years ago we started the adoption of a then 5 year old little boy in Kyrgyzstan. The country closed and has been closed since then. There is a short list of waiting families and it is possible that our name is on that list. So it definitely behooves us to be homestudy ready. So we are in the process of completing a Hague homestudy in case we need one.

We aren't going to send in any USCIS paperwork stuff or anything, but we are going to get our homestudy done and keep it up to date so if we ever need a homestudy...booyah we have one.

So noone missed an announcement or anything! We would be too crazy to be planning adding another child when we are pregnant with #7...but you never know when you are going to have an "oops!" adoption right!?


Shannon said...

I would put nothing past the two of you! ;)

Allison said...

As someone in the middle of an "ooops" adoption, I REALLY wish we had a homestudy ready at all times! Going through an agonizingly sloooow homestudy, while having the picture of our daughter halfway around the world, is pure torture. As much as my husband might balk, I think we'll be homestudy ready from now on. Congratulations on #7!!!

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