Saturday, April 2, 2011

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I found out I was on call this weekend on Thursday - I frantically tried to find someone to help cover the weekend...I was sick and Keith was planning on heading to a camporee this weekend. Thankfully, one of my coworkers agreed to help out by taking my call starting tonight at I am free in 5 minutes - yeah!

Even though there is a lot going on around here to blog about...there is too much going on to have time to blog! haha. So here is a quick update....

1. Alex started public school on Monday. We were just having a heck of a time trying to homeschool her. She was tested and on some 6 point scale (6 being grade/age appropriate) she scored a 1 - 1.2 on everything - they didn't even test her in Math and Science. She is in the 3rd grade and appears to be getting along well socially but has about a 5-7 year catch up plan. Which mostly involves us homeschooling her after school...oh the irony! haha. Seriously, she is much happier going to school so far and we are a lot happier without the added stress and frustration of trying to figure her out academically.

2. Lilianna is starting K12 on monday and she is super excited. Alex heading to school has been a little bit hard on her, I think she misses having Alex to play with at "recess" time. Her and Keith have been really having a great time at home though. She and Keith have gotten a lot closer in the last week. She is a pure joy now that she is homeschooling. Her frantic, manic, jump around fidgetness is down from a 10 to about a 2. She is ridiculously smart and I can't wait to start K12 with her. I went through all of the introduction lessons online and read through the first lessons in all of her books today while I was at work. She is also starting coach pitch baseball soon...we should get team assignments next week.

3. Nothing much new with Zeb, Ben and Zoe except they are all getting so big! With all of the homework and learning going on around here Zeb keeps asking to do homeschool computer so we started him with Time4Learning preK and he really likes that. He also has a little preK book that looks like the big girl's books he does that too. Thursday he was sitting at the table in a big chair with arms working on it and Keith came home. Zeb spun around and leaned over the side of the chair to see keith and the whole chair fell over in slow motion and landed on his was very dramatic but luckily not traumatic...except of course it scared Zebby to death. So...Zeb sits at the bench in the kitchen now!

4. Baby #7 is a girl...still a girl even though Keith keeps trying to find boy parts every time we go in for an ultrasound! I am exhausted, crampy, and have contractions like everyday (although never up to the 8 an hour to really start to get worried!) I wish everyday that we had our old bathroom and big jacuzzi tub but somehow I will survive! She is super fiesty and active just like Lilianna was. Ben was more mellow and less kick-y. I have images of #7 not just kicking, but punching and headbutting. I predict she will be a handfull...I don't think I am going out on a limb on that one!

5. we put a bid on a big old van on some government auction in New Jersey this is actually more of a bus with a wheelchair chair lift in the back. We are going to officially need a bigger vehicle of some sort once #7 gets here. Otherwise Keith won't be able to get everyone to school in the morning! Lilianna has said for years she wants a bus. We looked at getting an older short bus, and we still might end up with one. We have a couple of months to figure it out.

6. We had our homevisit for our new homestudy last week. I was post call and we had an ultrasound appt in the am so we had about 2 hours to clean our 6600 sq foot house and then our really sweet social worker arrived 20 minutes early. I hadn't even brushed my teeth yet because I had gotten home and 8am and we had rushed to the dr.'s office and then I rushed around cleaning. I answered the door with a big comforter in one hand, a trashbag in the other and wearing the clothes I had been wearing for 2 days, no brushed teeth or washed face...hahahaha. Talk about keeping it real! Then I hadn't really looked at all the paperwork stuff I was supposed to have together so I ran around the house while Keith talked to her trying to find paperwork. I came across as very organized! However, that is the truth right now I am totally disorganized.

This post is already waaaaaayyy to long. Have to head to bed I am sure the kids will be up at the crack of dawn!

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A. Gillispie said...

Are you adopting again?! How did I miss this information! Who? From where? Excited for you!

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