Monday, May 2, 2011


I am slowly climbing out of the giant hole of my to do list and many things are left undone! I read a blog post somewhere that basically was "I feed my kids and if anything else gets done it is a big bonus". Haha...I keep trying to remind myself of that as I look at all the toothpaste smeared on their bathroom countertop and the laundry.
I actually have one laundry basket that is consistently filled with clean clothes that need to be folded. I am reminded of the burning bush that is not consumed. I keep putting the clothes away and it does not empty. No matter how many times I take it up the stairs it ends up back downstairs in the middle of the living room (which is just merely feet away from all of the Easter baskets still sit).
I have started to be pretty good about getting 2 loads of laundry done a day...of course that is why the laundry basket is always load makes it unfolded to the basket and the other sits in the dryer.

I swept 2 saturday's ago and one day I hope to is a long shot but it might happen .... one day.

Keith and I have gotten pretty good at keeping up on Lilianna's school..but involves a lot of Lilianna staying up after the other kids go to bed and working. We are caught up though. Next week I am going out of town (yeah a short vacation to the Christian Alliance Orphan Summit) and the following week Lilianna is going to visit her bio dad. So we are going to have to move ahead. I am going to have to send work with her to her Dad's this time. I hate to do it because they don't get a lot of time together and because I am afraid they will lose it! haha.

We have been spending a lot of time at the ball fields and will be heading there in about 30 minutes for Zeb's tball game (which is hilarious by the way). Every baseball or t ball day (which of course is almost never the same night!) I pray for rain. I know it is wrong...but it is like a reprieve of 2 hours to work on something like homework or laundry.

There are people that do way more than I can fit into a day and I am in awe...but instead of feeling like a messy, unproductive old troll...I am trying really hard to feel good about the few things I can accomplish. Of course, I still have the messy, grumpy old troll look that pulls it all together!

Off to pack a picnic lunch for our trip to tball tonight (please rain...please rain...please HAS been cloudy all day).

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