Monday, May 9, 2011

my vacation...

My 2 weeks of vacation started with my pager going off at 516 this morning and the house supervisor telling me that one of the surgeons was calling me in for a pediatric appey.....ummmm...I am on vacation NOT CALL! I am glad I had my pager on so I could straighten out the mix up...but then I turned it off! I was sleeping so good too. I finally went back to sleep but had a dream that I had to go in and do an epidural. Got up and got the kids ready for school.

Now Lilianna and I are trying to get a weeks worth of Math done today and a couple of hours of Science, Art and History. All of the language arts stuff can be done away from the computer and my mom can work with her on those while we are out of town! I am very excited about our short vacation.

We are leaving tomorrow for Lexington after we drop kids off at school. Tuesday will be a meeting with our social worker, then shopping for baby stuff, and dinner at a Mongolian BBQ (LOVE those). We might even go to a movie.

Wednesday morning we will meet with out social worker again then drive to Louisville. We have a preconference meeting at 1-4pm...then dinner and a free concert at the church our conference is. I am really excited. Then the conference is on Thursday and Friday. We had such a great time at Together for Adoption 2 years ago. There isn't going to be a day for sleeping in but that is ok!

The last breakout session on Friday ends at 415 and then we will head on home. We won't get home until after bedtime probably. It is no trip to Playa del Carmen like the other anesthesiologist who is on vacation this week..but I am really excited!

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Shannon said...

ENJOY! You certainly deserve it!!

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