Saturday, May 14, 2011

Orphan Summit

Keith and I went out of town from Tuesday morning until Friday night. It was lots of fun. Tuesday we drove up to Lexington and met with our social worker to work on finishing our homestudy. We only have a couple more things to get together..our medical forms and the cats' medical forms (seriously ridiculous if you ask me!) and two more letters of reference.

Just a quick gripe here.....apparently to include in our homestudy that we are open to special will cost us $150 more. How backwards is that. It is $150 more to be open to special needs...In my opinion an adoption agency should try to make it easier for a family to be open to special needs...not more costly. It actually really makes me mad that a Christian adoption agency has the gaul to charge it's clients more for that. It doesn't seem very Christ-like to me.

Anyway, after our meeting we went SHOPPING! Did we shop....oh yes we shopped. We got a little cuddly bunny papasan swing which is the newest generation of the lamb swing that was the best baby investment I ever made with any of the kids....Benjamin would probably still be sleeping in it today if we could have figured out how to reinforce it for a 30 pound 2 year old. We bought a new infant carseat....we decided to retire the orange chico carseat after it's 4 year run as the official pumpkin seat. We bought a ton of clothes with a couple of preemie outfits to ward off evil spirits. We bought a couple of outfits for some of the other kids at the Carter's store....I hate that kids eventually grow out of just doesn't seem fair!

I also bought 3 pairs of shoes. Keith wanted to buy some shoes so we went to like 4 or 5 different shoe stores and he didn't find any....but I bought 3 pairs....oooh yeah!

On Wednesday we headed up to Louisville for the Orphan Summit. I enjoyed the general sessions a lot but we made some poor break out session choices I think. We went to one Empower to Connect session which was really, reallly good. I think we are going to try to head to an Empower to Connect Workshop in Nashville later in the year. We could certainly use help with Alex! Of course, as all good parents, we left that session feeling like the worst parents in the world! haha. We also went to a great lunch session addressing the politics of international adoption with a panel from JCICS, CCAI, and NCAF. The representative from JCICS opened talking about the waiting Kyrgyzstan surprised were we! haha!

On Wednesday night we ate at the Melting pot.....mmmmm. It was super good. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of room in my stomach for food. This was by far the most delicious trip to the Melting Pot for us though. yum.
Thursday we crashed out after the conference and watched some tv.

Friday we drove home and got here right before bedtime so we got to spend some time with the kids. My parents stayed with the kids while we went out of town and they did awesome with the kids. We are soooo lucky that we get to do this every once in a while. I am thinking that finding a babysitter for a 3 day trip for 5 kids wouldn't be all that easy! haha.

It will definitely be a while before we can afford another shopping trip!

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