Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Zeb

Last night a worn out Zebby asked me if you only get adopted once. I told him yep and in a joking way grabbed him and gave him a big hug and said "my zebby" which is from his adoption story ( I grab him and say "my zebby" and then daddy changes his poopie diapie - yes it is a glamorous gotcha story!haha).

He said he wanted to go back to Kyrgyzstan and get adopted by us again only this time bring his star doll and then he started crying saying he missed his star doll. Ok. We bought him a sage minkee twinkle baby bonding doll that Shannon took over for him ( I think it was Shannon) when she picked up her son in April of 2007. We have some pictures of Zeb with his doll that plays on a screen saver on one of my computers. We picked him up at the beginning of August and the doll of course was no where to be found and even if it had been we wouldn't have insisted on bringing it with us.

He has mentioned that darn star doll more times than you can even imagine. Sooo last night I finally ordered him another one. Bad mom...I should have ordered one and brought it with us when we picked him up at the babyhouse. If we ever do an infant adoption again (ummmm....never....but I don't say are just asking for it if you do! haha), that will be the way I roll.

Anyway, our sage minkee twinkle baby bonding doll is enroute...I also got a Lilac one for Zoe. They have tan faces, but none with dark brown faces...that is unfortunate it would have been really cute for Zoe. I probably should have gotten one for Ben too but he just got a super awesome monkey from babies r us.


Shannon said...

Ahhh, I do remember said doll - he loved that thing the minute I gave it to him! I was so careful traveling with it double-bagged so it would retain all of it's Mommy smell! I would imagine none of the things we've sent for Kamila over the years will be locatable either when we finally get there.

Michelle said...

I am sure he doesn't remember it...but he has seen the pictures of him hugging it so many times he has created that memory.

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