Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some pictures

Yes...these were taken a long time ago too! Zeb and Lilianna built a snowman all by themselves. I made lagman all by myself and Zeb didn't like it! haha. I think I am going to make it again on thursday if I can find my awesome recipe from Shannon. I was just craving it today.

I might post some more pictures. I need to take some for Alex and Zoe's postplacement.


Shannon said...

Let me know if you need it again! It looks yummy!! Oh and who is that cute Asian kid? There's no way it can be little baby Zeb!!!!!

Michelle said...

I found it today and bought all the ingredients so I will be ready to roll tomorrow! I need to post more pictures....zebu does look so old. Keith gave Zeb a haircut last night and I think he will be banned from future haircuts!

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