Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where have I been!?

I have been really busy and really exhausted! Work has been very time consuming lately I must say. It is almost like a real job..haha. Seriously, I have been working and I have been staying up too late...way too late trying to get things done around the house.

I haven't gotten a whole lot of stuff done, but things have definitely been looking up on the house front. It has been really frustrating to have not really had the time or money to complete any of the projects around the house that we have been trying to do. We wanted to build a giant playground in the backyard...Keith has been making the plans for it for like 2 years and we have been purchasing the toys for like 2 years. We still have all the slides, swings...everything in the stable ready to be built...but we can't afford to prep the land in the back yard. We tore down a big patio thing-y, but there is cement underneath that needs to be jackhammered and hauled off and then the ground has to be levelled. It is so frustrating that we are ending the second summer of not being able to afford to build the playground for the kids. UGGGG!!!! We found a contractor that will do the jackhammer, removal and levelling thing...but we can't come up with the piddly amount of money it will take...they are also going to take some of our old furniture as payment...but we still can't come with frustrating.

We have been trying to spend more time in the pool, because it is such good family time. It has been fairly cold around here at night though so the water is COOOOOOOLLLD. We wanted to put a heater in the pool and last year we decided we would do it this such luck. So our pool is still freezing and we still can't afford a heater. I am still hoping that we will be able to pull off the playground...but I have no hope whatsoever that we will be able to eek out the heater in any way shape or form. Of course, these are things that I want..but I want them because I think it would be so nice for the kids and every year that goes by I just get more frustrated at myself for having gotten us into this stupid financial mess! UGGGGG!
Please don't get me wrong, we are choosing to spend our money paying off bills and other adoption related type things and we are happy with our choices it just gets frustrating to keep pushing these longstanding goals to the back of the line!

We have been able to get some things done though, we were finally able to get all of the crazy, overgrown brush around the house and pool taken down - which is super fabulous. We may be able to afford to actually buy some smooth white stones to fill up the beds around the pool and some black or red ones around the house...that would be really nice.

This weekend we are going to powerwash the weird 1970's cemented pebbly deck around the pool and totally empty the pool house and powerwash that baby so we can try to use it a little bit. There is a covered wood deck out there with a big brick charcoal grill thing (filled with plants and empty bottles and planters) that we are going to try to clean up too. So maybe after this weekend I feel a lot better about our home projects.

I have been pretty good at keeping up with the laundry, although I was on call last night and got a little bit behind when I slept all afternoon instead of doing yesterday's laundry! haha! It was a great nap! We cleaned a little bit today and actually vaccumed and steam cleaned 2 rooms is a miracle! haha.

Lilianna has been at dance camp all week and hasn't gotten in trouble yet...yeah! Tomorrow is a little recital that I will, of course, miss. Keith is going to record it with our 8 year old Hi-8 sony is so outdated...haha...kind of like me! I am so glad we have it though because it is the difference between Lilianna being upset about me not being there and excited that we can watch her recital anytime we want. hurrah!

We have been working the Financial Peace U/Dave Ramsay thing since about October and we are slowly making progress...but it is sooo frustrating. We are about to start our kids on a "commission chart". So the kids are going to have to work to earn money. Lilianna has been doing adhoc chores around the house on a pay per chore basis trying to earn enough money to replace the computer she accidently broke so she has been really on the ball earning money. We are going to start a new chart system over the weekend - I am excited to see how it works.

Is this the longest post ever? maybe

Had an ultrasound today for measuring, weight estimates etc. She has a lot of hair and weighs about 4lbs, 10 oz...already bigger than Benjamin when he was born. She looks just like is hysterical. Her head is huge is measuring at 35w6 days and her femur is measuring at 32 weeks..haha. We are 33w0 today officially.

Now...I am off to fold 3 loads of laundry and try to get some sleep...the extra 25lbs makes it awful hard to get comfy at night and fall asleep...even though I steal every single pillow on the bed!

Monday, June 20, 2011


We have a couple of pictures from the Kyrgyzstan Heritage Festival we went to in Bethesda in May....Keith is looking very dashing and my picture hog children are hamming it up!
Zoe and Ben are modelling some of Zoe's birthday presents. They play together pretty good I must admit.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthdays continued...

Today is Aaron's birthday - he turned 8. When we started his adoption we were sure he would be home when he was 5....he had just turned 5 when we go this referral. In fact, he still thought he was 4. We orchestrated a birthday party for him when he turned 6. Maybe 9 will be his swimming birthday party. Actually, I bet he is more of a jumping castle kind of little boy. Hope we get to find out. We can only do what we can do I suppose!

In other news...ok there isn't that much other news..haha. oh wait...we bought a bus. I full on bus with a wheelchair lift, 10 seats in back, 2 seats in front..the little automatic bus door.
So we kind of need more kids to fill it up..haha.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Our busy birthday season has officially started. Wednesday, Zoe turned 3. Although she still seems very early 2years old. She is such a girly girl it is hilarious. I do have pictures and I am really going to post them...really.

On Saturday we celebrated Zoe's birthday...but it was someone else's birthday too...Keith turned the big 4-0. He got a seven man crew of brush clearing magic for his birthday for 3 days of miraculous brush clearing. They totally cleared out the back yard, driveway and pool area on Saturday and it was like magic. Seriously, our yard was being reclaimed by nature...our house was empty for 3 years and then the maintenance and just trying to get through small projects was bordering on impossible even for someone as amazing at everything as keith is. Now we will have a manageable baseline to start from...yeah. I think I will take some pictures of the pool area today to show the is an amazing difference.

The next June birthday is Aaron on June 12..maybe it will be his last birthday without a family...only time will tell I suppose.

Then it is Ben on July 5th, Alex on July 10, and Lilianna on July 31.

Of course, #7 could pop up anywhere along that timeline..could be June or July or as late as August.

I have about 45 minutes of naptime so I had better hustle if I want to get anything done!
O is coming up today for a week so I am trying to get the house a little less disastery because we all know how much housework Keith likes to do when O is here! haha....who wants to wash dishes when you can put together legos, play geeky strategy board games and video games?...ok I would rather do dishes than those things...but not Keith! haha.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our weekend..

This weekend we drove up to Bethesda to go the Kyrgyz Heritage festival hosted by the Kyrgyz Children's Future.

5 kids, one enormously pregnant and grumpy mom, and treacherous driving weather = a very, very, very long drive there! The kids really handled it well though...much better than I probably behaved...haha.

We got there on Friday night at about 830 and as we pulled up to our hotel I recognized another adoptive mom in the lobby from her blog. It was a pretty exciting time to meet people I have known online for years...literally...most of them I have known online since 2006 when I started the process to adopt Zebby.

Saturday, we went to the main day of events. Lilianna and Alex did some sewing and learned about musical instruments and Zeb played cars with another little boy who was a little bit younger than him. Then we bought a bunch of stuff at the "boutique". We listened to (ok I listened and the kids were in the same room as...) the telling of some Kyrgyz folktales. We had lunch from a buffet of traditional Kyrgyz dishes.

We had to leave before the after lunch festivities because the kids were just too worn out (and so was mom!) So we missed some music and dancing. We will catch it next year! haha.

Saturday night we walked over to the Mongolian Grill (yummmm!) with the funnest farm family there.... and then went for a walk around Bethesda! It was fun...and delicious. One of my more successful Mongolian Grill creations so far!

Sunday there was a picnic with some grilled Kyrgyz food. We went to the park early and rode the train loved it! We also played for a couple of hours at the park and they had some KILLER toys (killer meaning good not killer like merry go rounds from 1981 surrounded by cement and barbed wire). We got to the picnic around 130 and they were supposed to be serving food at that time but they were running a smidge late. The kids played and we gabbed for about an hour and then grumpy, hot, hungry kids (and possibly a mom) necessitated an early departure before the shashlik was served.....a bummer for sure!

It was a great time and I can't wait to do it again. It was an 8 hour drive and just a little much for me and some of the kids...ok maybe just for me! haha. Next time we will have to have a bigger car and stay for longer than one full day! We will take the time to make it into a homeschool field trip to the fun sights in Washington, DC.

We did take some pictures...believe it or not! Not as many as most people but some! Someday I will post them!

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