Sunday, June 5, 2011


Our busy birthday season has officially started. Wednesday, Zoe turned 3. Although she still seems very early 2years old. She is such a girly girl it is hilarious. I do have pictures and I am really going to post them...really.

On Saturday we celebrated Zoe's birthday...but it was someone else's birthday too...Keith turned the big 4-0. He got a seven man crew of brush clearing magic for his birthday for 3 days of miraculous brush clearing. They totally cleared out the back yard, driveway and pool area on Saturday and it was like magic. Seriously, our yard was being reclaimed by nature...our house was empty for 3 years and then the maintenance and just trying to get through small projects was bordering on impossible even for someone as amazing at everything as keith is. Now we will have a manageable baseline to start from...yeah. I think I will take some pictures of the pool area today to show the is an amazing difference.

The next June birthday is Aaron on June 12..maybe it will be his last birthday without a family...only time will tell I suppose.

Then it is Ben on July 5th, Alex on July 10, and Lilianna on July 31.

Of course, #7 could pop up anywhere along that timeline..could be June or July or as late as August.

I have about 45 minutes of naptime so I had better hustle if I want to get anything done!
O is coming up today for a week so I am trying to get the house a little less disastery because we all know how much housework Keith likes to do when O is here! haha....who wants to wash dishes when you can put together legos, play geeky strategy board games and video games?...ok I would rather do dishes than those things...but not Keith! haha.

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