Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Our weekend..

This weekend we drove up to Bethesda to go the Kyrgyz Heritage festival hosted by the Kyrgyz Children's Future.

5 kids, one enormously pregnant and grumpy mom, and treacherous driving weather = a very, very, very long drive there! The kids really handled it well though...much better than I probably behaved...haha.

We got there on Friday night at about 830 and as we pulled up to our hotel I recognized another adoptive mom in the lobby from her blog. It was a pretty exciting time to meet people I have known online for years...literally...most of them I have known online since 2006 when I started the process to adopt Zebby.

Saturday, we went to the main day of events. Lilianna and Alex did some sewing and learned about musical instruments and Zeb played cars with another little boy who was a little bit younger than him. Then we bought a bunch of stuff at the "boutique". We listened to (ok I listened and the kids were in the same room as...) the telling of some Kyrgyz folktales. We had lunch from a buffet of traditional Kyrgyz dishes.

We had to leave before the after lunch festivities because the kids were just too worn out (and so was mom!) So we missed some music and dancing. We will catch it next year! haha.

Saturday night we walked over to the Mongolian Grill (yummmm!) with the funnest farm family there.... and then went for a walk around Bethesda! It was fun...and delicious. One of my more successful Mongolian Grill creations so far!

Sunday there was a picnic with some grilled Kyrgyz food. We went to the park early and rode the train loved it! We also played for a couple of hours at the park and they had some KILLER toys (killer meaning good not killer like merry go rounds from 1981 surrounded by cement and barbed wire). We got to the picnic around 130 and they were supposed to be serving food at that time but they were running a smidge late. The kids played and we gabbed for about an hour and then grumpy, hot, hungry kids (and possibly a mom) necessitated an early departure before the shashlik was served.....a bummer for sure!

It was a great time and I can't wait to do it again. It was an 8 hour drive and just a little much for me and some of the kids...ok maybe just for me! haha. Next time we will have to have a bigger car and stay for longer than one full day! We will take the time to make it into a homeschool field trip to the fun sights in Washington, DC.

We did take some pictures...believe it or not! Not as many as most people but some! Someday I will post them!


Tapsalteerie said...

Awww... I didn't think you were THAT grumpy.... maybe hot and miserable yes... but you were reeling in the grumpy when I saw you! Had a blast at the Mongolian Grill :) Beckett is still teasing Xander about Lilliana LOL!!

Mala said...

I really wish I could have made it over!!! We were being kept busy in DC and there was no way I could make it before the end of Saturday's festivities. So close, yet so far away!!!!
Plus there was a special request to not have you and I in the same police precinct. Meh.
Next time!!!

Michelle said...

So close to meeting Mala...yet so far away! haha. Someday I am going to buy some cool Airstream or a 1985 Winnebago and just go visit people I have always wanted to meet in person (even if they are avoiding me...I mean ESPECIALLY if they are avoiding me). If I would ever quit acquiring new kids I could do that!

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