Monday, July 25, 2011

37 weeks

Well...I made it to 37 weeks and I am fine if I don't make it to 38! haha. I have not been the best blogger in the last year...oops. I was going to try to be better and try to blog a little bit about being pregnant. While it started out being so worried about telling Keith that I didn't tell him for 3 days. I quickly became very I was going to blog about it.

it is funny I had no problem blogging about the adoption process...but really haven't had that much to say about being pregnant. There are certainly many things to be excited about and many things to complain about...especially right now!

Things to be excited about:

1. Little girl baby clothes...come on... way cuter than boy clothes. Although, I must admit I did acquire a taste for cute boy baby clothes. By the way preemie baby clothes are much cuter than newborn babyclothes...looks like we won't need THOSE this time through!

2. A new little baby to cuddle with

3. Sleeping for more than 2 hours without needing to use the bathroom.

4. Taking 2 weeks off of work - boy do I need a vacation!

5. Seeing Keith walking around with the pink baby cute.

6. I totally love having a bus and #7 totally pushes us out of the minivan seating.


1. Yet again...we don't have enough rooms to make a nursery. Even though I have almost 7 children, I have never gotten to decorate a nursery. This is my last chance (someone knock on something wood) and what I get is the nook in the master bedroom. Oh well, the 3rd hand crib did get some brand new girl-y baby blankets!

2. Changing diapers for another 3 years.

3. The realization that by the time this little girl heads off to college, our oldest will be almost 30 and could be dropping off grandchildren for us to babysit.

4. Changing diapers for another 3 years. Oh did I say that already?

The joy behind the reasons to be excited totally outweigh the bummers...I know that is for sure. I am still kind of in awe or denial about some of the weird bummer things....

Like I can't believe we are likely going to have grandchildren before we have an empty nest. I guess the 3 years between Ben, Zoe and #7 isn't really all that much..I don't know why it freaks me out so much more.

I had also come to terms with no more babies. When we moved I got rid of a lot of baby things and said goodby in my mind to baby stuff and now we are about to re-invest in baby mum-mums (I had totally forgotten about baby mum mums .....YUM!....put that on the excited list).

So I will be walking along in the store or at home and will remind myself in total disbelief that we old 40 yo fogeys will be having a baby soon (ok keith is the only 40 yo fogey..I am still 38). It just seems very surreal.

Yes, we have finally picked out a name. It will, of course, remain top secret until there is a cute little face (and I am betting on a full head of hair) to go with it.


Shannon said...

Yaaay for 37 weeks! Can't wait to "meet" her! Seriously - 2 weeks, that's the best you can do?! I was sooo sad when Marissa gave up the baby MumMums - she loved them and then one day she just didn't want them anymore. :(

Michelle said...

We used to have to bring baby mum mums for all the kids...not just Benjamin. It's good when the kids don't like them anymore...that means more for mom! haha!

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