Monday, July 11, 2011


So I found out that we can officially start Lilianna's school year on July 1. Our K12 icademy year doesn't end until August so what I am going to do is use all of the hours from july 1st forward for this next 2011-2012 year and keep on with the icademy until August 22. After the icademy year is over we have a new and improved (and cheaper!) homeschool plan.

I really, really like a lot of the curriculum from K12. I like the math, language arts, history, science and art so we will keep those without teacher support. I hate the teacher support. Seriously, it is nothing but annoying to have to email in work samples and have conferences. I think I don't like is part of my rugged individualism..haha! The language arts includes Grammar, Usage and Mechanics, spelling, vocabulary, analogies, literature, and test readiness. We have actually finished the analogies and vocabulary for the year...oops. it was just so easy for Lilianna to do on her own! I foresee test readiness going the same way!

The History is really well-rounded - I am re-learning a lot of really interesting stuff so I love teaching her that! She is also very good at getting through History assignments all by herself. She LOVES the art - it is kind of a pain to set up the art projects, but I have been using art as a reward and that has been working pretty good.

We have purchased a Rosetta Stone Homeschool version of Russian we are going to start soon, dance and guitar lessons are upcoming when she gets back from her visit to her bio dad's.

If we run school year roundish from July 1- June 30 I think we won't have some of the time stressors we have had for in the last 2 months. We need 1062 hours of instruction or 177 instructional days of 6 hours each to be compliant with Kentucky law. That is soooo doable!

I am really impressed at how much better Lilianna is at getting her homework done and she has calmed down so much at home since we pulled her out of school.

My big weakness....handwriting and composition. Lilianna hates to write so if anyone has any suggestions on composition programs or exercises...let me know!

In other news...I am as big as a house and every night I go to bed hoping to go into labor so that I can take 2 weeks off of work! I am sooo tired!


Anonymous said...

Try Handwriting without tears. There are a lot of people using that for that children and swear by it!

Marnie and Jeremy said...

I hated the same things about K12 but everything else about it was amazing. By the way, it was free in AZ!

Michelle said...

We have handwriting without tears....I think I will rename it Handwriting with huffing and puffing! haha. She just hates to write!

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