Sunday, August 7, 2011

Violet Joy time. Friday afternoon I went to the dr and I was dilated to 4, 80-90% effaced and NOT in labor. I was supposed to be on call this weekend but luckily had found someone to cover for me on Friday and Sunday but was still scheduled to work on Saturday...and boy did I NOT want to work. I was definitely feeling miserable and pregnant. After my dr's appointment she told me to rest in the office for a minute because I might go into labor right then. Of course I didn't!
I ran home and did laundry, packed Lilianna for camp and tried to pay bills and balance the checkbook. Around 930 when I was almost done paying close....I started with some wussy contractions so off to the hospital we went.

I was having contractions when we got to the hospital but they were sooooooo wussy - they didn't even really hurt but I was so dilated and sooo miserable I wasn't going to take no for an answer haha. Luckily, my OB was here doing a csection so I got my epidural (yeah epidural) and we augmented those wussy contractions with some pitocin...all that got kicken around midnight. Around 4:20 Saturday morning I was still only dilated to 4 and almost completely effaced so they did an amniotomy and literally in 10 minutes I went to complete and we had Violet at 518. She had some buising on her face because I went to complete and she was delivered so quickly. She weighed in at 6pounds 12 ounces...a whole pound heavier than Lilianna!

I felt soooo terrible yesterday because I had been up all day and night and I was cramping so much worse than after my other 2 kids. One of the post-partum nurses told me that mom's always complain more about that the more kids they have had. Seriously, I don't remember the cramping being so bad...and it was really bad while breastfeeding yesterday. I feel SOOOOOOO much better today!

As usual I have been a terrible patient. Yesterday morning I threw up after a cup of morning I proceeded to call one of my friends while the nurse was standing there and ask him to talk to the nurse and give verbal orders for iv toradol and zofran. Then I refused my labs today (seriously, those numbers would not affect my care plan at all), and I also pulled out my iv was kind of annoying me and I don't need it. Proven once again....dr's make the worst patients! I am sure I would have left yesterday (a day early) if I hadn't been feeling so terrible!

I already posted that LIlianna headed off to camp today. Keith brought her by the hospital to see Violet before she headed out. No one else has seen her yet. The parking at the hospital is a mess right now and I am sure my mom is at her wit's end with the other kids! It was soooo nice to not have to worry about somehow taking care of them and being in the hospital at the same time......THANKS MOM! I know it is tough for her because grandparents like to spoil grandkids and while my kids are great and mostly well-behaved. If you give an inch they try to take a mile and they can smell the opportunity for boundary pushing a mile way and turn into frenzied sharks ...especially at bedtime! haha.

Home tomorrow and 3 weeks off.....yeah!!!!!!!


Shannon said...

She is soooo lovely and her name is just perfect! I can't say I'm surprised at all by your hospital behavior; Dr.'s really DO make the worst patients! So glad everything went well and that 'lil miss is happy and healthy. Hope you're feeling better and home soon.

Jackie said...

Congratulations, Michelle & family. She's beautiful and her name is lovely!! Enjoy.

Jackie said...

Congratulations, Michelle & family! She's beautiful ... love her name. Be well and enjoy.

Cindy LaJoy said...

I am thrilled for you guys and love the name! Hope the chaos settles down soon, enjoy your 3 weeks off!

Tapsalteerie said...

She is so beautiful!! Congrats 1000 times over!! Love her name as well :) Email me your address please :)

Michelle said...

Thanks all! She is a handfull! Totally refusing to sleep more than an hour at a time and eating constantly. She is reminding me I am too old for this!

Jeanne said...

Congratulations! Hope things are settling down a bit!

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