Monday, September 19, 2011

It is always something..

The last week or so has been a very trying week to say the very least. I was off of work last week to theoretically study for my oral hoard exam. however it turned into a week of advanced parenting that required my attention. It was exhausting. Then on Saturday I headed to salt lake city for the exam...which I took this morning. I am pretty confident that I will have the pleasure of retaking it!
Although it has been an emotionally exhausting has really been a great week for painfully cleaning out a lot of things in our life that just hasn't been altogether right for a while.
1. We have 4 mortgages....ouch. We had a family friend who was renting one of our houses...and I use the term loosely because she was paying half of the agreed upon price occasionally. So we finally agreed she should move out and we would put the house on the market. Keith visited the house this weekend and our trustworthy family friend had trashed our formerly beautiful home. It hurt and it will be expensive to get the house ready to sell...but at least we know, they are out and we can move forward. God put a trustworthy acquaintance in Keiths path while he was there and we have someone who can supervise repairs...blessing!
2. We had an incident an over the top incident with Alex that made us realize we had become complacent with getting her everything she needs to be happy and well adjusted. It was quite an interesting night that I am not ready to share all up in this internet! As a result we are now able to go to the empowered to connect conference in Nashville this weekend and I am sooooooo totally excited about it....blessing!
3.I just finished me oral board exams...yeah. Sure I might have to take them again but I don't have to worry about it until I find out if I failed in November!

I have all day today to relax in salt lake city because I couldn't catch a flight home today. It is a beautiful city, the weather is beautiful and I know this week will be Aton better than last week!

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