Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dave ramsay

Keith and I have been working the Dave Ramsay financial peace thing for a little over a year and we still don't have it right. We are getting closer though. Even though we aren't 100 percent following all the rules it has helped us soo much emotionally to get our finances in perspective!
Things we should do better on.....
1. We need to sell our stuff we are kind of half hearted in our attempts to sell things. We do have a ton of stuff we can sell and want to sell we just apparently don't want to bad enough! I am sure I have told the story of the yard sale I had before leaving New Orleans to go to medical school that ended in me throwing everyone out of my yard.

2. Using the envelops for what they are designated for....we kind of just raid the envelops when we need money for something. We were really good when we started but now we just use it all! There are certain categories that we try to accumulate money know like school extracurricular activities or clothes so that we have enough money when we need it for those activities....sooo that money all goes to eating out. Really lets face it we are junkies for McDonalds when the monopoly game is going.

3. Second jobs...ok..I have half-heartedly looked for locums work during my vacations..but I haven't found any. I need to get off my butt and get medical licenses in more states. I really don't want to work more, but it would help a lot and I do love what I do so it won't be that bad. The problem is the market is kind of dry right now for locums anesthesia and I only have 9 weeks off a year so it is kind of hard to find things that fit in the weeks I can take off.

4. We are still spending money on that we should be using for our debt snowball...but there are projects we just really want completed...I mean really, really. That is no excuse, I know, there are a lot of things we could cut out of our budget but we just aren't ready to. We did cut out day care for the 3 year olds which is saving us a ton of money and that was a big step.

OK people, let's face it...we are not Gazelles in the wild...we are more like the Gazelles at the zoo...ok we see a cheetah over in the next enclosure..but we are not in a life or death race with the cheetah.

I digress, but seriously, the whole Dave Ramsay program totally helped us to take control of our money and has shifted the way we look at the way we spend our money and I am SOOOOOOO glad we have moved away from the way we were before. Some of the myths Dave Ramsay talks about I totally bought into! I remember firmly believing that I would always be paying someone something so I might as well have ________ (fill it in with whatever item I couldn't really afford and shouldn't have!). The best part is that keith and I talk more about the budget now and there is very, very, rarely any kind of disagreement about money or tension caused by money stuff and that is huge in any marriage. So, we love Dave Ramsay.

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Ryan the Girl said...

ONLY 9 weeks off per year?! Jealous.

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