Saturday, November 26, 2011

We had a super thanksgiving weekend...I know it isn't technically over with yet...but tomorrow will be a busy normal kind of Sunday.  On Friday, I had to work but got out pretty early so we packed up the bus and headed to Lowe's for a Christmas Tree.  We are such a production when we all go to the store.  Keith was walking next to Owen and Zeb and holding Zoe's hand, I was pushing a cart with Violet in it, walking with Ben and Lilianna and Alex were somewhere in the middle...we all headed out to the Christmas trees. In a Christmas miracle, we all picked out a great (and great big!) tree in like 30 seconds, there was no line...they bagged it up and I paid while Keith went to get the bus.  He opened up the bus door, the kids climbed in, then he opened up the back door and slid the tree in the back (right down the middle of the aisle) and off we went. 
Lights went on last night and teh decorations went up today all the while with Holiday music from Sirius XM blaring in the house.  LOVED IT.
Today we also celebrated Zebby's birthday.  He turns 5 on monday but we had his party while O was here.  I made a dump truck to follow....and we ate the entire thing in one sitting.  We are about to take food shopping and consumption to a whole new level for us!  Once Violet starts eating food and once Aaron is home (another 8 year old boy!)   wow are we going to go through some food!  Love it.
I am going to try to get some pictures of tree decorating and Zeb's birthday out of the camera and into the computer. 
We have the nutcracker coming up for Lilianna.  full run through is tomorrow with dress rehearsal on monday and the 2 shows a day on Tuesday, Wed and Thursday.  Yikes!  I am not a very good stage mother...I watched about 20 youtube videos today on how to make a stupid bun and what kind of makeup to get for her.  Good times.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Yes, today is thanksgiving.  I tried to write 5 things I am thankful for everyday of the month...but I failed miserably!  Oh well...there are at least 5 times a day I find myself giving thanks for something.  I just forgot to write them all down.  There is probably a lot of repeaters though.  I am so thankful for my husband like multiple times a day.  He is just so darn amazing.  He can fix just about anything and just does projects around the house.  Today he decided to put up the Christmas decorations by our side door - we didn't put them up last year.  They look super.
OK..this is probably a silly thing to be thankful for....but Keith changes the light bulbs.  When one goes out....he just changes it.  It is almost like doesn't matter if the light bulb is easy to get to, hard to get to...whether the bulbs haven't been manufactured in 20 years...he just changes them. 
He does the dishes...big dishes, small dishes, caked on dishes, pots, pans, cake pans etc...they just get clean. 
He spends all day almost every day with 2 three year olds, a 4 month old and an over the top unregulated 8 year old - he takes them to appointments, he gets everyone up in the morning, they get breakfast and he even makes lunches and snacks for Zeb and Alex to take to school.  On days when I have to fill is a hungry day indeed eat but not as well as when dad is home. 
Of course I am thankful for other things in my life....I LOVE my house..well at least my yard.  There is so much room for my kids to run around and play outside...I LOVE it.  Today was a beautiful day...a little bit muddy...but the weather was awesome and I got to see the kids running around outside.  Violet got to stroll or be strolled as the case may be for hours outside and I know she loved it! 
I really, really like my job.  Yes there are things that I don't like...but mostly it is really great.  I like the people I work with and that is something I haven't been able to say about a lot of the jobs I have had! 
I love my kids and I feel so lucky to have them...all of them.  Some may be more challenging than others in many ways but I am so gratefull to have them.  I also feel really lucky to be working on bringing Aaron home.  Who knows how long it will take, how much it will cost or when we will be able to get it done.  Who knows what kind of challenges we will face when he gets home, but I am really gratefull to have the chance to start thinking about it and to dare to start thinking about our family of gasp....10. 
I have plenty to be thankful for.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I hate paperwork. I can never seem to get caught up on it...I have sooo much in every area of my life. I hate paper and work associated with paper. I hate paperwork that then has to get scanned into a computer to become electronic paperwork. Yes...I have to finish a bunch of postplacement reports is true I am behind on paperwork and instead of blaming myself for not having gotten it done already I am blaming the poor helpless paperwork. Off to fill out forms. Speaking of forms, we received notification that our I600A was received at the lockbox...we are waiting for our fingerprint appointment.... Speaking of fingerprints...we have to redo our stupid FBI fingerprints again uggg. I'm done complaining because now I have reminded myself of more stuff I have to do.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Benjamin's hair

My little benjamin is such a trouble maker. We took all the kids voting with us on Tuesday and one of the women in the polling place asked us how old Ben was...but she kind of pointed and said "how old is this one" and I said..he's three and she said surprised..."it's a boy". Ummm yeah. In fact he was probably wearing an outfit like in these pictures...jeans and a orang long sleeve tshirt...totally bad-news bears -ing it. So I guess that is the tip off that I need to get my little floppy haired napoleon a hair cut. These pictures highlight his "gee-your-hair-smells-terrific" hair style. I really need to take some pictures with a sweatband in his hair. Perhaps I am giving him some sort of complex by letting his hair get long. Today keith sent me a text that Ben was making Zoe brush his hair. I am a little bit behind in the things I am grateful for....I am grateful for Benjamin's bouncing and behaving hair.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

One little thing I really love...

After all the kids go to bed...except Violet. We jump into our big chair and a half, with the computer sitting on the table next to it. I pull up Hulu or Amazon Prime and we restfully watch movies, eat popcorn, drink diet dr.pepper and formula (ok I don't drink the formula and she doesn't do the popcorn and diet dr pepper...but still...). It is sooo relaxing. She is chilling out, I am chilling out and I get to watch movies without having to refill sippy cups, pull kids apart or fight for the fuzzy red blanket..haha. I only get to do it on the weekends, Keith gets the weekdays. It is great fun.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pictures...what are those?

Who could resist throwing candy at these guys!

did someone say pictures?

I believe I have some of those!

Gratefullness day 2 and 3

I already missed a day! haha...I am busy what can I say! Today I was on second call and we had a meeting at 7this morning. So I got up and left for work at the normal time and said goodbye to all the kids...then I came home around 9am. Then I left for work around 1030am and said goodbye to the kids again. Then I came home around 6 so that Keith could go to his first local boy scout roundtable meeting (woo hoo..keith is getting out of the house and making friends!). He got back at 830 and i had to say goodby to Lilianna who was the only kid up and she said..." had to go to work 3 times today! Lets try to only go to work one time a day ok?". So funny because I always start things with "let's try ____________" when we are doing school work.

Nov 2
1. watching the kids play in the backyard....this one might come up again and again because it is one of my most favorite things in the world.
2. deer in our backyard eating acorns
3. a freshly swept kitchen floor
4. Benjamin's badnews bears floppy haircut
5. Zoe talking non-stop and narrating everything she does in words I can understand (today she was helping me clean the media room - she was picking up socks and kept saying..."I see you under the table sock...I'm going to get you" - it was hilarious)

Nov 3

1. Violet sleeping soundly with her arm draped over mine...I just love those little baby snores!
2. Foggy mornings when you can't see over the tops of our little mountains
3. sound of steady rain on the 20 skylights in the library...a room that we have almost finished unpacking haha!
4. nights when zeb and ben actually go right to sleep
5. the tucking in ritual with Zoe that actually works and keeps her quiet and in bed all night

Pearl of wisdom from Lilianna today....
"Mom, do you want to know how I quit biting my fingernail? I keep them dirty...then when you look at them you are like ewwww I don't want that in my mouth. That is why I like to dig in the dirt and make mud snow men" (the mud snowman thing is a most unfortunate idea that has pushed me to the point of outlawing mud. Yes it is now verboten for my kids to make mud or use nature-made mud to build small snowmen looking guys with sticks and rocks for arms and facial features....oh the horror the day they discovered making mud snowmen)

Pearl of wisdom from Benjamin the other day:

"I didn't poop in my butt did. I made my butt sit in the corner...bad choice butt"

perhaps I need to go to bed now!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One time at the casino....

I am not sure what made me remember this story last night when I was driving back from dropping Lilianna off at dance class...but I did and it was hilarious.

When I worked at the casino, I worked with this very nice couple. The woman was a floor supervisor like me and worked in the craps pit a lot with me. The man was a casino host. One night the woman and I were talking about stuff while we worked...where we used to work that kind of thing. She was talking about another casino and I asked if she and her boyfriend had both worked there and she said....

No, my boyfriend used to be a regular player in the craps pit...he would come into town to gamble at the casino I worked at because of his job he couldn't really go anyplace near his home. "Oh," I asked..."did he work at a casino there?". "No," she replied..."he was a priest." I was a little surprised. "that's not something you hear everyday" I replied.

"We dated for a long time before I went to visit him in Florida where he lived. It was really weird. One time we were hanging out on the beach and he got a call that one of his parishoners was in the hospital and we we headed to the hospital. He changed into his little priest outfit in the car and then we went into the hospital. I waited in the cafeteria and when he was done he picked me up and went back to the beach".

"sounds weird" I replied.

"Yeah, he finally decided being a priest wasn't for him". she said matter of factly.

No kidding, I thought.

Like i said, not sure why this story popped into my head. Maybe some people are just meant for certain things in life and sometimes you just aren't supposed to be a priest.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A month of gratitude

I am a little bit late starting this...but I saw it on facebook and I firmly believe that a thankfull heart is a happy heart (OK I may have stolen that from Veggie tales...but it is true).
Every day list 5 things you are grateful for...I am starting a little bit later (by like 30 sue me!)

1. Zebby's excited face when fall leaves blow off the trees and into him
2. Benjamin's very over-exagerated attempt to repeat "pillow" after I sound out the LL's in great detail for him.
3. Lilianna showing me her hip-hop dance and singing the song at the same time.
4. French Vanilla creamer in the coffee at work (it is really delicious) and the perfect mixture of coffe to cream making it a creamy light brown color. one of my coworkers accidently threw away my coffee and then tried to replace it by putting a doppelganger coffee in the place I left my old coffee...but it was NOT the perfect color!
5. Pulling into the driveway and seeing my husband sitting on a chair holding the baby while the rest of the kids are playing rambunctiously on the domeclimber with lots of sun and a nice autumn breeze.

This is going to be a good month.

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