Thursday, November 10, 2011

Benjamin's hair

My little benjamin is such a trouble maker. We took all the kids voting with us on Tuesday and one of the women in the polling place asked us how old Ben was...but she kind of pointed and said "how old is this one" and I said..he's three and she said surprised..."it's a boy". Ummm yeah. In fact he was probably wearing an outfit like in these pictures...jeans and a orang long sleeve tshirt...totally bad-news bears -ing it. So I guess that is the tip off that I need to get my little floppy haired napoleon a hair cut. These pictures highlight his "gee-your-hair-smells-terrific" hair style. I really need to take some pictures with a sweatband in his hair. Perhaps I am giving him some sort of complex by letting his hair get long. Today keith sent me a text that Ben was making Zoe brush his hair. I am a little bit behind in the things I am grateful for....I am grateful for Benjamin's bouncing and behaving hair.


Tapsalteerie said...

lol Michelle... Beckett gets mistaken for a girl all the time bc I can't cut his curls (and he loves his long hair). Xander has hit that boy stage of growing his hair out long too... personally I think it looks cute as does Ben's :)

Michelle said...

Beckett has awesome hair!

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