Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gratefullness day 2 and 3

I already missed a day! haha...I am busy what can I say! Today I was on second call and we had a meeting at 7this morning. So I got up and left for work at the normal time and said goodbye to all the kids...then I came home around 9am. Then I left for work around 1030am and said goodbye to the kids again. Then I came home around 6 so that Keith could go to his first local boy scout roundtable meeting (woo hoo..keith is getting out of the house and making friends!). He got back at 830 and i had to say goodby to Lilianna who was the only kid up and she said..." had to go to work 3 times today! Lets try to only go to work one time a day ok?". So funny because I always start things with "let's try ____________" when we are doing school work.

Nov 2
1. watching the kids play in the backyard....this one might come up again and again because it is one of my most favorite things in the world.
2. deer in our backyard eating acorns
3. a freshly swept kitchen floor
4. Benjamin's badnews bears floppy haircut
5. Zoe talking non-stop and narrating everything she does in words I can understand (today she was helping me clean the media room - she was picking up socks and kept saying..."I see you under the table sock...I'm going to get you" - it was hilarious)

Nov 3

1. Violet sleeping soundly with her arm draped over mine...I just love those little baby snores!
2. Foggy mornings when you can't see over the tops of our little mountains
3. sound of steady rain on the 20 skylights in the library...a room that we have almost finished unpacking haha!
4. nights when zeb and ben actually go right to sleep
5. the tucking in ritual with Zoe that actually works and keeps her quiet and in bed all night

Pearl of wisdom from Lilianna today....
"Mom, do you want to know how I quit biting my fingernail? I keep them dirty...then when you look at them you are like ewwww I don't want that in my mouth. That is why I like to dig in the dirt and make mud snow men" (the mud snowman thing is a most unfortunate idea that has pushed me to the point of outlawing mud. Yes it is now verboten for my kids to make mud or use nature-made mud to build small snowmen looking guys with sticks and rocks for arms and facial features....oh the horror the day they discovered making mud snowmen)

Pearl of wisdom from Benjamin the other day:

"I didn't poop in my butt did. I made my butt sit in the corner...bad choice butt"

perhaps I need to go to bed now!

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Shannon said...

You guys crack me up!

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