Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One time at the casino....

I am not sure what made me remember this story last night when I was driving back from dropping Lilianna off at dance class...but I did and it was hilarious.

When I worked at the casino, I worked with this very nice couple. The woman was a floor supervisor like me and worked in the craps pit a lot with me. The man was a casino host. One night the woman and I were talking about stuff while we worked...where we used to work that kind of thing. She was talking about another casino and I asked if she and her boyfriend had both worked there and she said....

No, my boyfriend used to be a regular player in the craps pit...he would come into town to gamble at the casino I worked at because of his job he couldn't really go anyplace near his home. "Oh," I asked..."did he work at a casino there?". "No," she replied..."he was a priest." I was a little surprised. "that's not something you hear everyday" I replied.

"We dated for a long time before I went to visit him in Florida where he lived. It was really weird. One time we were hanging out on the beach and he got a call that one of his parishoners was in the hospital and we we headed to the hospital. He changed into his little priest outfit in the car and then we went into the hospital. I waited in the cafeteria and when he was done he picked me up and went back to the beach".

"sounds weird" I replied.

"Yeah, he finally decided being a priest wasn't for him". she said matter of factly.

No kidding, I thought.

Like i said, not sure why this story popped into my head. Maybe some people are just meant for certain things in life and sometimes you just aren't supposed to be a priest.

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