Saturday, November 26, 2011

We had a super thanksgiving weekend...I know it isn't technically over with yet...but tomorrow will be a busy normal kind of Sunday.  On Friday, I had to work but got out pretty early so we packed up the bus and headed to Lowe's for a Christmas Tree.  We are such a production when we all go to the store.  Keith was walking next to Owen and Zeb and holding Zoe's hand, I was pushing a cart with Violet in it, walking with Ben and Lilianna and Alex were somewhere in the middle...we all headed out to the Christmas trees. In a Christmas miracle, we all picked out a great (and great big!) tree in like 30 seconds, there was no line...they bagged it up and I paid while Keith went to get the bus.  He opened up the bus door, the kids climbed in, then he opened up the back door and slid the tree in the back (right down the middle of the aisle) and off we went. 
Lights went on last night and teh decorations went up today all the while with Holiday music from Sirius XM blaring in the house.  LOVED IT.
Today we also celebrated Zebby's birthday.  He turns 5 on monday but we had his party while O was here.  I made a dump truck to follow....and we ate the entire thing in one sitting.  We are about to take food shopping and consumption to a whole new level for us!  Once Violet starts eating food and once Aaron is home (another 8 year old boy!)   wow are we going to go through some food!  Love it.
I am going to try to get some pictures of tree decorating and Zeb's birthday out of the camera and into the computer. 
We have the nutcracker coming up for Lilianna.  full run through is tomorrow with dress rehearsal on monday and the 2 shows a day on Tuesday, Wed and Thursday.  Yikes!  I am not a very good stage mother...I watched about 20 youtube videos today on how to make a stupid bun and what kind of makeup to get for her.  Good times.


Shannon said...

Sounds awesome! I cannot even imagine the food that goes through your house - or that will as time goes on! Can't believe baby Zeb is 5.

twocowdogz said...

what agency did you use, we are intersted in kyrg adoption. we have and adopted 5yr old from ukraine. thanks, michele k.

Michelle said...

2cowdogs.....there are no accreditted agencies facilitating adoptions in Kyrgyzstan right now. However, there should be some by the end of the year!

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