Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breakfast with Santa

With a post title like that you would expect pictures...ok none yet...I have to do some downloading.  Maybe tonight.  However, we did take the kids to breakfast with Santa this morning.  Everyone was so well behaved!  Yeah! 
Benjamin just froze.  Santa asked him his name and what he wanted for Christmas and Benjamin (for the first time ever in his life) was speechless.  He just stood there half scared, half dumbfounded.  Zeb had practiced all night what he was going to ask for....He wanted an optimus prime and a bumble bee and he wasn't going to share with his brother.  He was ready to tell Santa all of that.  When Santa asked him his name he said...ummmm..."ben".  I said Zeb your name is Zeb.."oh yeah...Zeb".  Then he forgot what he wanted.  After I reminded him he got on a roll though and just kept naming things he wanted. 
Zoe was all business.  Santa asked her name and she said Zoe and then he asked what she wanted and she said "your hat". 
It is amazing how much more calm everyone is when Lilianna isn't here.  She just radiates energy and the other kids soak it up and start bouncing around like her!  haha.  That being said...I miss my little firecracker!

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Ryan the Girl said...

I love that story. It reminds me of the scene in "A Christmas Story" where Ralphie gets all nervous and forgets to tell Santa that he really wants the gun for Christmas. I also love that Ben's goal was to get presents that he wasn't going to share with his brother. Super-cute and hilarious.

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