Monday, December 26, 2011


no..I don't have the pictures downloaded surprise really haha.  I am going to do it soon though!  I am off this week so I can get it done I hope!
This was the best Christmas ever.
Christmas eve we had Grandma and Poppy over for dinner, then we had what Zeb likes to call "Jesus Circle Time" .  Keith talked to all of the kids about the great gift God gave us on Christmas day and why we give gifts at Christmas time.  We shuffled the kids off to bed around 830 after setting out Christmas cookies and milk (with homemade whip cream and marshmallows in it).  yum
Around 930 Keith and I had our annual Christmas eve fight #1 and then the real work began.  Violet refused to sleep until about 145 so there was gift assembly with baby in lap for part of the night..then I lulled her to sleep and took a nap until which time came annual Christmas eve fight #2 which is usually the frantic exhausted husband dragging sleeping wife from bed so I can carry boxes out to the car and I probably did something else too..but was too exhausted and delirious to remember what I actually helped with.  I climbed back into bed at 345 at which time violet woke up and started screaming...I do remember giving her a bottle and crawling back into bed at around 450 am.  Keith followed at 530 am.  Thankfully our early riser....ZEBBY the Rooster kept quiet until almost 830 am.  Which was unfortunate for my parents who showed up at 7 for gifts and the like....they just hid out downstairs until we got up. 
So, Santa brought 3 gifts for each child and a couple of big family gifts.  Santa went over the top this year and we will never be able to top this Christmas that is for sure.  Keith used to do a lot of discount toy shopping when we lived in there are things we have been keeping in our closet since literally before I even met Keith.  In an effort to save money I suggested that this year we just empty the did we have a big year.
Christmas literally took all day.  We played with santa gifts for about 2 hours...then had breakfast.  Benjamin had asked Santa for 2 boxes of monkey bread...he even showed Santa exactly how big each box was supposed to be.  So we had monkey bread, bacon, sausage, and eggs for breakfast which we actually didn't eat until about noon.  After breakfast we opened presents.
At our house gifts are tricky...each kid gets 3 gifts.  One from mom and dad, one from the boys and one from the girls.  At Thanksgiving we make a wish list for each kid on and then one at a time they leave the room and the boys buy a gift and the girls buy a gift for each kid.  It seemed to work out pretty good.  We are always on the look out for suggestions on how to work Christmas - but this seemed to work pretty good.
After gift opening...we let kids play while I worked on dinner and dessert.  We had a 22 pound turkey...yikes maybe overkill..but I love leftovers so far! haha.  Mashed potatoes, rolls, canberry (which is Zeb's absolute favorite we discovered at Thanksgiving...who knew!) and some poundcake.  It is a really good thing I forgot about our 8 lb ham...we will eat it later in the week. 
After dinner we watched Cars 2 and chilled out.
Lilianna and O got here today and were very excited to see the Santa gifts.  They didn't get here until almost 10pm so we let the other kids stay up to greet them, show them the presents and watch them open up gifts.  Ben was a total wreck but everyone else handled the late night pretty good. 
It was such a relaxing Christmas and I have the rest of the week off to just relax. 
This is really the best Christmas ever.  I have new resolve to treat every day (especially Christmas!) like it will be the last one I have.  I am just resolved to relish how totally abundan my blessings are.  How darn lucky can one woman be...seriously.  This was the best Christmas ever and today was the best day after Christmas ever.  It is so much easier to be patient with my children, smile, and by joyous when I feel truly grateful, thankful and blessed. 
So pictures tomorrow...and maybe some more details!

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Tapsalteerie said...

you are awesome :) So glad y'all had a blast! Can't wait to see the pics :)

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