Saturday, December 17, 2011


So I don't talk about it too much, we have been trying to adopt a little boy from Kyrgyzstan for the last 3 years.  We got his referral 3 years ago and he was 5 he is 8 and he will be 9 in June.  Kyrgyzstan is evaluated the credentials of 5 different agencies in the US and will pick 3 to work there.  Our placing agency, Adoption Alliance, is one of the agencies that put in paperwork to try to get accreditation there.  The decision is scheduled to be made on the week.  Things have been moving really good for the last 6 months or so to get the process rolling again in Kyrgyzstan...starting with the waiting families.
Yesterday I got an email that Adoption Alliance was actually closing....bam.  Another snag in the already ridiculous process we have gone through in the last 3 years to get a little boy out of an orphanage.  UG

I am not entirely sure what this is going to mean for our process.  There are more than 3 agencies that had waiting families so there had already been a spirit of cooperation between the agencies and JCICS was in the mix to help protect the interests of the waiting families when the accreditation list comes out next week.  It is my understanding that Adoption Alliance had the most number of waiting families and now we will have to switch agencies and I am not sure what all that will entail...I don't know if we will be able to choose which agency we will go to and what kind of cash outlay will be involved. 

Strangely, I am completely at peace with this whole thing.  I am so NOT stressed out about it.  It will work out or it won't.  As a point of trivia this will be the second agency I have used that has shut down!

In other news, I work this week, but then I am off the week between Christmas and New Year's and I am going to do some serious baking...I am going to put together my shopping list tonight.

Keith made up his ginormous list of stuff to get done between bedtime on Christmas eve and christmas morning...I am not entirely sure how that is going to get done.  We may need to call in reinforcements..haha.


Susan said...

I thought of you when I got my letter that Adoption Alliance was closing. I hope its a simple process for you to change.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the thoughts! We don't know how the process for changing agencies is going to work at all! We have about 2 weeks of limbo it seems!

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