Thursday, December 22, 2011

What if...

OK I am not sure if this a healthy thing or a politically correct thing...but sometimes I try to imagine what my adopted children's lives would be like if they had not been able to be adopted.  I do this usually at things like Christmas luck would have it...there were 2 Christmas programs this last week to ponder that.
It makes me a little teary when I think that Zeb could be at belevodsk right now in like 20 degree below weather without the warm socks he had on with his little donkey outfit on Tuesday for his program.  He has such a sweet disposition and heart and a great desire to make people laugh.  I wonder how much of that spark he would have if he didn't come home with us when he was 8 months old.  How different would he be? 
Watching Alex in her Christmas program reminded me of the Christmas after we got the girl's referral but before we travelled to meet them.  The kids from Beacon House sang Christmas carols at a hospital and I remember watching the video like 100 times trying to see Alex.  I remember pouring over the pictures on the Beacon House blog trying to find pictures of Alex opening up her Operations Christmas Child shoebox.  There was like one picture.  Later Alex told me she got a Barbie doll in her shoe box and one of the older girls took it from her and broke the head off of it and she cried and cried....ok how heartbreaking is that story!?
Zoe is such a ham - she is so quick to laugh and just wants to be loved.  If there was no international adoption from Ghana would she even be alive?  Without adoption would Beacon House have had room to take her in and save her life?  Probably not. 
Our motivation for adopting our children was not to save them from was just to grow our family with kids who needed families!  However, sometimes I do ponder the question...Where would my beloved babies be if UNICEF had been able to stop international adoption.  How darn lucky am I that we got to bring these great kids into our family!?  OK that is rhetorical...we are very lucky! 

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Shannon said...

I'm with you, sister! I have these same thoughts very often and they always end the same. Most, if not all of my kids would not be living or at least not into adolescence. We are so, so lucky!

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