Friday, December 2, 2011

What a week!

Woooh what a week! Lilianna was a toy soldier in her dance school's production of the nutcracker.  dress rehearsal on monday, 2 shows a day tuesday, wed and thurs.  I am exhausted.  We made it all the way until the very last show until we forgot something at home....her tights and leotards...are those important?  haha
Her bio dad came to her last performance..he drove all the way in from new Orleans.  He got her a little bit early and wanted to take her to the show and said he would put in her bun....hahaha.  After seeing all of the bobby pins he did finally concede that perhaps it might have been little too difficult for him..haha.
She did great, however, her bubbly energy (also known as uberfidgetiness of doom) in the backstage area just about made me certifiably insane. 
One of the good things that came out of this experience (beside my ability to put a bun in her hair), is that Lilianna likes ballet a whole lot more now.
In the midst of this crazy week, we also got our fingerprint appt for our I600A.  I hated to reschedule, but there was no way we could fit a 2 hour drive each way in between nutcracker performances!  Yikes.  So we have to wait to hear of a new appt.
Also Alex started her weekly therapy sessions where they offically burdened her with the diagnosis of RAD (even though I don't really believe that is really her problem).  Oh well, we just go with the flow.  I have no doubt she will benefit from counselling...I think everyone does!  She does have issues with grief and permanency but I just don't see RAD as the issue.  I know I am certainly not a therapist.  In any case she has been doing great lately. 
Lilianna is gone to new orleans until the day after Christmas so that is always tough on everyone.  Lots of good things have happened for me at times when Lilly is away......I started the adoption process for Zeb, I met my super awesome hubby, picked up Zeb, I had Ben.  I feel like something good will happen for us in the next month.  It is so great to be optimistic!
Speaking of friend, Shannon travels to Ethiopia on Monday for court on 2 super adorable children.  I have been doing a lot of praying for her court date....That both of the cases go through easily and quickly!  I have a lot of optimism that her family will grow by 2 next week! 
Perhaps my optimism is related to the peanut butter pie I made (and ate a piece of) and the scones I made (and ate one of)  sugar = optimism maybe.  Ooh..I should have some coffee with French Vanilla creamer now too...
My plans for the night include eating more of above mentioned goodies, watching my favorite christmas movie (holiday inn) and wrapping presents.  Of course, if Violet doesn't follow the plan of going to sleep my plans will change!

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