Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yes...that's right our dossier is done.  It is appostilled (even if I can't spell it), 4 copies made and everything ready to send off.  We left at 5 this morning to run around to 2 counties and the secty of state 3 hours away to get it done.

If you have ever adopted (and most of you guys reading this have!) you know that compiling this big document is so time consuming and takes so much work, energy and did I mention work that it is like a miracle when it is done. 
I came out of the state capitol in Frankfort today cradling the completed thing like a newborn...I wrapped it up in Keith's coat on the way home just in case something splashed out of one of our soda's or the baby haha.
It is done.

I would love to mail it off tomorrow...but we are missing a very key component...ummm money.  We are hoping to have the money by March 16 so we can send it off.

There are several families who already have their dossiers enroute to Kyrgyzstan and I can't wait to see what happens.  The whole travel situation has been stressing us out too.  We aren't really sure if it will be 2 or 3 trips, how long we will have to be there, where we will stay, should we bring any kids with us - is that even an option? We have been so focussed on the process that we haven't even spent much time thinking about the fun parts....you know things like meeting him, what to bring him, how to work on his room and new awesome triple bunk beds, plans for helping him learn English.  Things like how many pine wood derby cars Keith is going to have to make next year...hahaha!

Altogether this has probably been the easiest dossier gathering ever.  Additionally, as soon as we decided to move forward with this, I got offers to do some locums work which will almost completely pay for this adoption...that is huge!  We have already been really blessed in this process and it just feels that even though we have had some trepidation in jumping back it...we are continually being shown that we are on the right path and that this path is the right one.

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Mindy said...

Congratulations! Very happy for y'all.

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