Sunday, February 26, 2012


My friend Shannon is en route to pick up her two new babies....well they aren't technically baby babies...but they are her new children.  She left today and i am so excited for her family!  We went through our first Kyrgyzstan adoption together and have been going through our second one together (for several years!).

I think she is trying to catch uo with us in terms of sheer number of children.....haha...she is as crazy as me!  I am just so excited for her and can't wait to see some awesome gotcha pictures.  It is always exciting and always very emotional when u go pick up your kids forever. 

Something I noticed in Africa that I didn't notice in Kyrgyzstan is that there is a more palpable battle going on between good and evil...seriously.  So, I will be praying for Shannon and her children as they become a family and travel home and if you will help cover her in prayer for her journey , well...that would rock!

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