Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What's going on

Oh I have been just completely out of commission.  It is amazing how much more work it is to have a baby around the house.  Not really any excuse for letting this blog go so much.  I hate it when blogs I follow just disappear...it is kind of like losing a long distance friend! 
A big thing going on, of course is Aaron.  There is an agency that is officially accreditted now and our agency, as I mentioned before is closed.  So we have been agonizing for weeks about what we are going to do.
Let me back up, about 3 weeks ago we found out that one agency received their accreditation.  We have been kind of chugging along, moving forward in a slow really non-committal kind of way.  It took us like a year to finally finish our homestudy and we had been putting off our fbi fingerprints for like 3 months.  Once the agency was all "go" we had to really commit. 
I know that makes me sound like somewhat of a loser...I know.  We had been going through the motions but our hearts were not in it.  We are a little overwhelmed by staying up all night with babies, running the other kids around, trying to balance our life.  It is not easy to have a basketball team with  you everywhere you go - even when they are on their best behavior the sheer volume of children equals a dull roar.  And let me be clear, our kids are really well-behaved.  They suprise me sometimes how good they really are.  In fact, the check out lady at Walmart the other night flattered me by telling me how well-behaved and sweet my children are and they weren't even with me at the time.  (I digress...sorry).
Then there is money.  It is expensive (duh...an understatement).  We have been working hard to save money and pay off bills.  We need a new roof, we want to build an outdoor play area, we want to get a heater for our pool (because pool time is THE best family time we have).  Our savings account would bite the dust.  I know that is super shallow but I am being real here.  If I said money didn't matter to us my pants would explode into flames...we really want to call Dave Ramsay and yell "We're Debt free".
Then there is all of the work of bringing home an older child who doesn't speak English, the logistics of bedrooms, school, etc.  Now, when you are trepidatious about the whole thing...the logistical planning is hard, glass half-full kind of stuff.  When you are excited and all-in...it is a joy.
In the last 2 weeks there have been many a late night of heated discussions and mind-changing and lots of praying for discernment!  We have been on, off and on again that I am starting to get a little bit dizzy.
So our formal application has been sitting on our table filled out waiting for us to really commit.  Our dossier paperwork has been sitting in a manilla envelope half filled out for a week...our FBI fingerprints expired and we hadn't done new ones...we were seriously slacking and letting the world pass us by.
Then we saw a picture of a bunk bed on facebook.  We started looking at bunk beds for the boy's room and found one we liked.  For me, the logistic part started to get fun, the idea of the pinewood derby next year sounds fun.  For me, I started to get truly excited again. 
So yesterday, we ordered the wood for our playground, we got fbi fingerprints done and sent, we completed and mailed off our formal application and got somethings ordered and taken care of that will have our dossier completely finished by the next time I have vacation Feb 20-24.  We will be able to make the trip to Frankfort for apostilling and will be ready to mail in our dossier and country fee by March. 
Another amazing thing happened when we decided to move forward.  I got a call about some extra work during weeks that I had off already.  It is not all 100% set to go - I am still waiting to hear back...but that extra money will go a long way in paying for this adoption. 
This is a long post....I am going to try to do better.
We are totally in and I am starting to enjoy the process and there is a lot of fun logistical things for me to start thinking about now.  As soon as I have some time at home I will post pictures of the bunk bed and some other pics I need to download.

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