Sunday, March 25, 2012

home again

Made it home yesterday and was very glad to see everyone of course!  Violet has 2 little bottom teeth finally...and an actual head of hair.  It is amazing how much little ones change in 3 days!

I am in a total funk today though.  Kids misbehaved all morning until church....uggg.  We overslept so Keith went to church early without us so he could do the lights.  I gave 2 baths and got everyone ready except myself.  I had barely gotten myself dressed by the time a had empowered my outside voice to connect with the kids.  I still don't know what exactly happened...but it did involved an oversized toothbrush that Lilianna brought home from the st patrick's day parade in New Orleans, Zeb's teeth and Alex.  I really don't care what happened that bad?  If the kids don't start getting along better I am going to subscribe to the parent trap method of making siblings get alone...they all go into a cabin together! haha.

The house is a mess, i am way behind on the laundry, one of our heatpumps pooped out so we have no heat or a/c in our upstairs (where the bedrooms are!),  and I had to work on the checkbook last night (which is always depressing)....yes I am in a funk.  Oh and I am too fat to eat my way out of depression..haha.  oh chocolate chip cookie dough while sitting in the jacuzzi I miss you!

Wow...I am a total drag...why is anyone reading me whine! 

OK look out...forced optimism coming fact, I am going to make myself smile the whole time I am typing the next paragraph......."crack"...(my face cracking as  I smile).

OK.....Violet is being very sweet and funny and the weather is beautiful enough for the kids to be outside playing.  Lilianna turned our seesaw airplane into a balance and the kids were trying to balance a bunch of little rocks on one side to equal the amount of 2 big rocks on the other seat...that was cute.
I was able to go throught Zoe's drawers last night and take out all of the 2t clothes that are too small and put in our hand me down 3t clothes.  I got something done.  (see this is my optimism).   I also DO have the ingredients to make choc chip scones if V will let me do it.  Keith is almost done with out super totally awesome playground...seriously it looks like a park it is so awesome.  No one is sick.  Oh big one is Zoe is totally potty trained and in undies for almost an entire week.  Yeah Zoe.  My husband still likes me even when he is grumpy and I am grumpy.  Life isn't as bad as I pretend it is!  FUNK BE GONE!

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