Tuesday, March 20, 2012

skinny ban?

I just saw a story on yahoo that Israel is banning skinny models unless they have a doctor's note. Ok, yes...I think that there may be some unrealistic expectations set up for beauty and skinniness in our culture.   Yes, this might cause some body image issues for young, impressionable girls and could be detrimental to the health of these girls.
Hello, lets talk about childhood obesity for a minute.  I can tell you that I very rarely see a patient or a person that looks to me to maybe have bulemia or anorexia but everyday I see morbidly obese children, teens, young adults, adults.  Obesity is killing my generation and my children's generation...seriously.  Big picture....it is easy for a society of obese people to villify skinny waifs for their "unhealthy" lifestyle.
I'm not skinny, I'm not obese...but let's have some perspective on what is destroying the health of a large porportion of the population...it is not skinny models!

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