Saturday, March 3, 2012


We have had our dossier completely finished for almost 2 weeks and it is sitting up in an armoir in my bedroom for 2 reasons.  The first is that we are  still saving up the money to send with it.  That isn't really going to be a problem - we will have the money by the end of the month at tha latest.  The second reason is much bigger....the kids.  My parents have said they would watch them while we travelled....but that is completely unrealistic.  My mom is awesome...but she works full time and 4 of our kids stay home all day.  It is likely going to be three weeks for the bonding trip and court and I am worried about my is especially breaking my heart thinking about leaving violet for 3 weeks.
We have decided to start looking for a nanny/mothers helper to work part 2 days a week who might be able to work full time while we travel.  It would certainly be cheaper than coming up with $15K more for the kids to come with us.  Logistically I don't even know if we could travel around KG with tht many people and we all know how over the top dangerous it is on the roads there! 
If we don't come up with a viable kid plan we will have to abandon our adoption plans and Aaron.  If any of you have suggestions we would love them....prayers would be great too!


sandrinha said...

Hi Michelle, I totally love your blog and have read EVERY single entry. Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us out here.

You mention in other blog entries that you are part of a church. I am wondering if your church can pitch in and if someone can take in your kids, or different people can take in different combinations of your kids. I know it's probably really difficult to separate the kids while you are away as well as have them away from home, but having followed your saga with Aaron I know that it feels like one of your kids is still out there and you want to bring him home.

By the way, my husband and I are also hoping to adopt from Kyrgyzstan and are about to start the process. I wonder how you feel about the agency (I know you loved your previous agency) and also whether you know if any of the previous families who have waited for so long for their kids have been able to finish the process and bring their kids home yet?

Blessings and I hope you find a solution to your problem and are able to bring Aaron home.


Michelle said...

Not really able to answer ur questions on a public site. However, I can urge you to do very good research on which agency you decide to choose. I can say that I don't expect Kyrgyzstan to stay open very long and I would recommend you look at other countries.

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