Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Playground

My husband is pretty amazing.  He built this totally awesome playground in our backyard.  He has been planning, replanning, shopping and stockpiling playground equipment since 2009 and no it has been constructed and it rocks.  There is a speed slide and a tornado slide (ben calls it the tomato slide...nice).  There is a tunnel between two 7 ft towers, there is a swinging bridge between two other towers that you can't really see in these pics.  There is a rock wall, cargo net, punching bag, track line, multiple sets of rings, a trapeze/bouy ball, rope, twisty swing, 2 tire swings, a baby swing, a glider, 5 or 6 swing spots...I forget...monkey bars, 2 fireman poles and a multitude of binoculars, periscopes, pirate wheels, instruments etc attached onto the framework.  It is one of the wonders of the world I am pretty sure.  I probably forgot some stuff on it too!
When Keith first finished it, Ben would ask if we could go to the park in our backyard.
Zeb likes it so much his hair is standing straight up! hahaha...I'm not sure what is up with his hair...but I LOVE it!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

A vacation

So we went to a conference last week...and yes it was in Disneyworld.  We didn't tell the kids we were going to Disney...we just said out of town.  It was breaking my heart to not bring them to disneyworld and i don't know if I could have stood going without them if they had known and been so sad and disappointed that they didn't get to go.  However, Mickey will be glad to hear that it strengthened our resolve to get our family to Disneyworld in the next year!  We kept seeing things that one of the kids would have was getting a little tiresome to have to say....OMG Ben would freak out...or something to that effect.
We also did a lot of talking about things....imagine....we don't really have time to talk with the baby know...demanding attention every minute! 
Another agency opened in with excitement and hope I called to talk to them about their program...another $21K not including travel and 30 days in country...ummm....can't happen.  So one of the things we processed during our trip was the permanent loss of our dream to bring Aaron home.   This just isn't a country whose new international adoption program falls into the doable column for our family.
I thought about whether I wanted to ambush Keith with another country's program or if I wanted to wait until Violet is a year old and then ambush him....we will have been married 5 years then and China special needs could be doable then....of course, I decided no or I wouldn't be typing it here..haha.  Seriously though I couldn't ever keep any kind of secret like that!
So just like that...our super awesome family is complete. 
That being said...I saw a video today for fainting that is an idea.

Violet is sitting up, crawling and has her dad wrapped around her finger.  She is totally loving the new playground and the baby swing.  Everyone is loving the new playground and I have got to take a picture and post it...because it is amazing.

I am not sure if I posted this already..but Zoe has been completely potty trained for like a month and it totally rocks!  Ben is still refusing to potty train.  oh well, you can't control what comes out or goes into someone so I am not too worried about it.  Ben's stubborn hard headedness is driving Keith crazy...mostly because Ben is Keith 37 years ago...of that I am sure!

Zebby is a trainwreck everywhere he goes because he is a size 3 kid in a size 6 body..just throwing himself all over the place and tripping over his own lanky legs.  It has gotten to the point this week when I started to worry that maybe he has some sort of degenerative neuromuscular disease...but I am pretty sure his coordination is just not keepign up with his growing.  I may get an ot consult just to calm any nagging concerns i have though.

Lil rocks.  I need to get her started with some singing lessons though. I have a homeschool post brewing soon!

Alex ...well that is a whole different post! 

Sisterlocks....who has em?  I have been looking into getting them for Zoe...all hair care is like some form of torture for her and my heart just can't take it.  Looks like the closest licensed consultant to me is in Greenville, SC....ROAD TRIP!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Busy week

My job has kicked my butt this week.  I have probably worked more hours this week than I have in a long time and it is only Wed, or Thursday...ok I think it is Wed! haha.  We finally found someone to help with the kids 2 -3 days a week.  She started yesterday and it seems to have worked out ok.  I am cautiously optimistic.  She is really just a mother's helper/babysitter.  She is keeping the kids distracted while Keith gets to do some projects, spend one on one time with kids and runs errands etc.  She is also cleaning up after the kids and helping with lunch.

She comes back tomorrow for her second day.  She will be here 3 days next week because...drum roll please....Keith and I are going out of town together without any kids for 3 whole days and a half of another day..haha.  I am going to a conference at Disneyworld and keith is coming with me.  I will let you in on a secret.  We have never gone on a vacation by ourselves that didn't involve meeting new children or bringing them home.  We did go to Asheville, NC for a weekend last year when I was about 4 months pregnant with Violet so I am pretty sure that doesn't count!  I keep teasing Keith that we will probably end up completing a domestic adoption next week while we are in Florida....haha.  We are not looking, but if blessed we are paper ready....haha!

We are leaving Easter Sunday and driving up to Charleston, WV because our flight leaves super early on Monday and we will get to Orlando at 1030.  I have check in for my conference on Monday, but no workshop until Tuesday.  Keith says he can't wait to actually go to the bathroom by himself without the pitter patter of little feet trailing behind him.  I wish he were looking forward to spending time with me...but really how can I compete with a solo trip to the bathroom!  When I grow up I am going to redo my bathroom with a big jacuzzi bath tub and doors with locks...maybe those giant bars that you lower down across the door like they had in castles. 

Of course, since I weigh 10 pounds more than before I was pregnant with Violet I have nothing to wear at Disneyworld except scrubs.  It is a good thing my overwhelming exhaustion has completely killed my vanity!

Tonight was an interesting night at home. Keith went to church to help install some lights and the kids and I hung at home.  I made some dinner - then, instead of bringing everyone down to the media room and watching a movie, I split everyone up.  Benjamin and Zoe watched a preschool prep video on letters (which Zoe is totally rocking on!), Zeb did some before and after (I write out a sequence of numbers and leave blanks and he has to fill in the blanks), Alex played her DS , and Lilianna read a cool Usborne history book to Violet in the reading room.  I folded laundry and there was quiet in the was weird.  Usually we try to direct everyone to the same place so we can supervise...but keeping them separate tonight worked really well.
Another thing that has been pretty new around the house is my dictatorial cleaning demands.  Before dinner I summarily demand that the kids clean up their playroom and their bedrooms before they get dinner.  I know it is mean..but darn if they don't clean up that big old mess.  Woo hoo.

The amazing playground of fabulousness is almost done too...I can't wait to take pictures and post them.  Keith is a total playground building genius.  Seriously, y'all have got to see this playground..I can't wait until it is done.  Oooh...we also opened our pool today.  The pool guys came and pulled off the cover...there were a ton of dead frogs all laying belly up on the bottom and a GIANT salamandar in the deep end all belly up.  There was also a mating pair of frogs with a trail of eggs a 6 foot trail of was a little bit disturbing.  We don't have a heater or anything so it will literally be months before we can swim (I want a pool heater soooo bad...maybe next year!), but I dooo love to look out the window and see the water swirling around in the pool.  Maybe we will get the big hammock up on the playgound and I can lay there and watch the kids play and watch the swirling pool at the same time.

I am is what I do.

PS.....Life is so good and I am super grateful for all of the awesomeness in my life!

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